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Synonyms for gnarly

used of old persons or old trees

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Want to know more about Alex, her favorite Gnarly products, and future goals?
LAS VEGAS, May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Gnarly is pleased to announce, that it is launching pre-sale of its first aquatic adult, pool sex toy, the GNARLY RIDER(TM), a silicone saddle that retrofits to an aquatic, elongated noodle-type flotation device, in order to convert it into a vibrating and floating sexual assembly *Patent Pending.
Alison Fitzjohn played Boudicca as the gnarly feminist and Abi Rahman was great in a number of roles.
Love, whose band Hole split in 2002, said: "I feel like I'm getting my creativity back and that I've put a very gnarly drug problem behind me.
Gnarly, Orange Grove, The Blue One, and Bouncy, works in purple, orange, blue, and black, respectively, adopted the paintings' anal-erotic forms, but reduced them to a more intimate and affecting scale.
Deerhunter's 2013 album, Monomania, angled away from familiarly experimental ground into distorted, gnarly garage-rock.
About Gnarly Head Gnarly Head is crafted by Delicato Family Vineyards, a family-owned California winery founded in 1924.
Gnarly Nutrition has partnered up with Daniel to fuel is next adventure with their all-natural, clean supplement line.
There are lots of different stages to appeal to all types of rider, including a gnarly, rooty singletrack stage and a flat out and drifty stage.
Mojo Fury The Mann One of many gnarly rock songs in Mojo's cannon - a band who's drummer James features in Good Vibrations as a member of Rudi.
Steve did her one better and hooked her up with the two biggest male porn stars in the business-Evan and Lee Stone-and together, the threesome shot a gnarly skin flick, tentatively called "Backdoor into Chyna.
On New Year's Day, a Houston local raised the bar on an old spot with three basic but gnarly tricks.
1891 Victorian England was a pretty gnarly (tough) place," the actor told Entertainment Tonight.
Stock full of the Gnarly mantras, athlete profiles, informative blog posts, and product information, GoGnarly.
Chris reflected, "These awards are a testament to my family's commitment to the wine business for three generations and an acknowledgement of the incredible support Gnarly Head has received from our distributors and key customers.