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Synonyms for gnarly

used of old persons or old trees

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Both players immediately realise that Lucy is closer to the gnarly number (i.
Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of all-natural, sports nutrition products that don't just boost your performance, but taste great as well.
Although on much steadier ground than in recent years, the EMS business is still contending with a gnarly environment, indeed.
The rocky reefs that create gnarly waves could yield a solution to coastal erosion for both sunbathers: and surfers.
That's because they rely on the difficulty of gnarly calculations that may someday succumb to faster computers, scientists say.
The tee shot is uphill to a fairway plateau, and players must hit an accurate wood or long iron down a narrow fairway guarded by gnarly rough on the right and the Atlantic Ocean on the left to position themselves properly for a third shot to a new, elevated green.
The stately live oaks grow short, squat, and gnarly, with lots of limbs, Turner says.
Gnarly Nutrition is a sports supplement company that has also set some high standards for itself.
But the flight back was really gnarly because I got food poisoning in Bangkok, and I was all fucked.
Could she perhaps have been trying - in vain as it turned out - to hide those gnarly old mitts?
According to the survey by Scholl, conducted to mark the footwear firm's Keeping Britain on its Feet campaign, 71 per cent of think that the wife of soccer ace David Beckham has the worst celebrity feet and 67 per cent say that she should have urgent surgery to deal with her heel-induced gnarly bunions, reports the Sun.
Some of us grabbed garden hoses, but it started to get gnarly.
But I relate Hill's background (with his consent) not to explain anything so much as show how he deploys this alteration as a material and formal component of his work--part of what compels him to take on the immaterial and formless--while attempting to make gnarly matters look effortless.
OK, you probably think that whenever you've got a gnarly zit or your hair is frizz-city, everybody is as horrified as you are.