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used of old persons or old trees

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TOMMY SANDOVAL: The most hammered man alive, gnarliest guy on the team but also the most mellow, michelada connoisseur
A Little Sumpin' Wild is Lagunitas' version of a Belgian IPA, meaning it is the biggest, gnarliest, hoppiest Belgian-style IPA in the whole world.
The sturdy footpiece's unmistakable construction and ability to withstand the gnarliest moshpit has made it the staple shoe for an array of heartthrobs and songbirds: the same year Jodeci seduced ladies while wearing eight-eye boots unlaced with baggy denims, Kurt Cobain rocked scuffed low-tops and voiced his generation's alienation.
So you get the fattest, gnarliest chick you can uncover and lay the wood to her.
Learn the basics on Heavenly Mountain Resort's gentlest slopes, or fine-tune your turns on its gnarliest black-diamond runs, with an instructor from the ski and ride schools in South Lake Tahoe (from $75; reservations required).
As one soldier said, "Even the gnarliest dudes turn to putty around [our dogs].
One memorable day, teaching Lord of the Flies and nearing the part where the marooned boys cut off the pig's head, place it atop a stake, and engage in a form of primitive worship, I drove to an old-fashioned Italian butcher shop in Boston's North End and bought an honest-to-God pig's head--the gnarliest, bristliest one in the store.
There are two female members and one of them, mountain guide and local ranger Heather Morning, describes herself as "the gnarliest bird in the Cairngorms".
It's evident that his interest in the ocean runs much deeper than finding the gnarliest wave.
This double-black bump run through well-spaced trees is one of the gnarliest, most challenging runs on the entire mountain.
My gnarliest rail was probably the backside 50-50 down the 21-stair in Welcome To Hell or the frontside 50-50 the Earl Warren 20 in Dying to Live.
Those stomach muscles, I'm telling you, I had some of the gnarliest cramps in my stomach.
Far from Destiny's Child's late era attempt at going hard, "Drink in My Cup" is a monster and could easily be mixed with the gnarliest horrorcore Young Jeezy or Gucci Mane beats.
You can also expect ultra-realistic crashes and 10 fun-packed, multi-player games such as Sickest Trick and Gnarliest Crash.
is totally excited about its newest and gnarliest beverage line, California Max, a non-carbonated fruit drink with no preservatives.