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used of old persons or old trees

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Sony Pictures Animation wants us to believe that the board-and-'berg riding penguins of their new cartoon feature, "Surf's Up," are way gnarlier than any marching, dancing or otherwise entertaining flightless birds you may have seen recently.
From their early years slogging away to little reward and through the Brit pop piggybacking breakthrough, Pulp have always been gnarlier than your average outfit and the sudden fame seemed to wrong foot Jarvis, a man probably resigned to spending his life in the third division.
I appreciated David Mastio's article, but the problem is deeper and gnarlier than anyone can grasp.
Andrew: The ones that I've been seeing him doing are gnarlier than most.
That just adds to the sense that ``Gridiron Gang'' could have been a truer -- meaning rougher, gnarlier and probably not as triumphant -- story.
Although I was nose bumping at this time, I'm sure I could have done something gnarlier had I known I was shooting for a cover.
although her regular diet of rotten foodstuffs is considerably gnarlier (unless one considers Hot Chee-tos).
One of the Staples announcers at the morning's Aggressive In-Line Vert preliminaries, in a sage analysis of the level of performance, noted, ``It keeps getting gnarlier.
That's why, if not exactly the most stellar writing nominated, Julian Fellowes' arch and epigram-laden ``Gosford Park'' script landed the original screenplay prize instead of the behaviorally gnarlier ``Royal Tenenbaums'' or harder to process ``Memento.
Their son Sam (Hayden Christensen, star of the next two ``Star Wars'' features) is a gnarlier issue.