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used of old persons or old trees

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I've seen you conquer many gnarly situations and there will be gnarlier too.
But Leconte fans will appreciate a much richer, gnarlier foray into the dangerous realm where fervid commitment takes over lives to the extent of threatening them and all about them, for better and for worse.
From their start in 1979 rehearsing in a church hall to their earliest records, they were gnarlier, more satanic and just rougher than anything else.
Even before I did it I thought it was gonna be way gnarlier than it was.
Was Jaws gnarlier this year than any of the previous years?
Driving up these hills is probably gnarlier then bombing them.
Do you feel like each video part you put out needs to be gnarlier than the last, or do you just go with the flow?
Speaking of Ishod, he just won SOTY and it seems like he's just getting gnarlier.
And everybody who skates there is way gnarlier than anyone in LA.
The gnarlier the pressure, the more I want control of the circumstances and try and strip away all the distractions.
How much gnarlier do you think the new generation can take it?
Do you think skateboarding is going to get gnarlier in 2013?
I know Mark did a bunch of stuff that was way ahead of its time and never came out or wasn't filmed, and I've heard Jason was way gnarlier than what his part showed.