glyptic art

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carvings or engravings (especially on precious stones)

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30:5; Judith A Lerner, "The Sacrifice of Isaac Revisited: Additional Observations on a Theme in Sasanian Glyptic Art," in Facts and Artefacts: Art in the Ancient World: Festschrift for Jens Kroger on his 65th Birthday, ed.
The earliest western Asia attestations, often of debatable reliability, concentrate in the very late 4th-early 3rd millennia BC in south Mesopotamia, featuring depictions of zebu in a range of media, including figurines and glyptic art, from sites such as Ur, Larsa and Susa, as well as Nineveh in the north.
These resemble neither the female images in two-dimensional narrative art nor the images of female deities and supernatural creatures known mainly from glyptic art.
1-20) the author summarizes studies relating to the role played by glyptic art in economic administration.
One might have expected, for example, some connection to have been made between magic practices and shamanic-type journeys, for which we have evidence in Sasanian literature and epigraphy, but it is clear from this book that there is very little to support such an association in the glyptic art (pp.
The organization of the Palestinian stamp seals and the attempts to comment on their iconography that Keel and his collaborators have evidenced in this book result in major contributions to our knowledge of glyptic art.