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a chemical agent that destroys plants or inhibits their growth

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She said: "There are serious concerns about the use of glyphosate around the world and its potential impact on human health.
the authorisation procedure for pesticides in the EU; potential failures in how substances are scientifically evaluated and approved; the role of the European Commission in renewing the glyphosate licence; possible conflicts of interest in the approval procedure; the role of EU agencies, and whether they are adequately staffed and financed to fulfil their obligations.
In 2011, nearly 650,000 tonnes of glyphosate products were used worldwide and this was expected to double by this year.
In Kenya, although there is no publicly available data to determine the actual amount of glyphosate used, there are 28 different glyphosate-based products registered.
Yiannopoulos said the state lab carries out tests on glyphosate levels in food, as it does for other herbicides and pesticides.
However, faced with an uproar over the alleged dangers of glyphosate use, experts balked last month at a renewal and the commission then proposed reducing the timeframe from 10 years to five years.
Mannar (Sri Lanka) November 26 ( ANI ): The Sri Lankan Navy on Sunday apprehended two Indians with 750 kg Glyphosate near South of Mannar lighthouse.
There is no reason why glyphosate should not be reauthorised for 15 years, never mind the 10 years the Commission had proposed.
We are very concerned about the finding of glyphosate in corn products like tortillas, cereals, tostadas, and flour used to produce masa [corn meal]," Alvarez-Buylla Roces said.
Officials announced that starting July 7, the weed killer's main ingredient, glyphosate, will appear on a list California keeps of potentially cancerous chemicals.
A decision on whether to re-licence glyphosate, a chief ingredient in Roundup, will be taken by the European Commission by the end of the year.
Experts complain that there hasn't been enough research done on GMOs and glyphosate but say the evidence that does exist points to severely negative effects on land, water supplies, and human health.
It was timely, then, that the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner's office and the University of California Cooperative Extension already had a meeting scheduled about vineyard weed control using glyphosate and alternatives.
With the advent of genetically modified plants for the resistance to herbicides, glyphosate has gained wide space in the management of weeds.