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glyptic art in the form of a symbolic figure carved or incised in relief

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The remaining subjects received transitivity-induction training with 20 new glyph sets.
The company expects to ship the first Glyph units by the end of 2015.
The technology that powers the Glyph centers around a set of 2 million microscopic mirrors -- 1 million per eye-that reflect visuals, including 3-D, into the user's eye.
Glyphs include numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks, as well as letters.
The human images from the Mississippian period are the most elaborate and detailed, exemplified by several mud glyphs from Mud Glyph Cave.
Measuring 50ft in diameter and weighing over three tonnes, the Glyph was one of the largest and brightest man-made structures to ever fly over a capital city.
The glyph below shows one of the eight Heh gods who hold up the sky.
When you hold that glyph up to a web camera you see on the screen a reflection of that book.
The map displays a combination of multivariate attribute information and geographic information by drawing a star plot glyph at the centroid of each geographical unit, in this case the 48 contiguous United States.
When Leeman argues that they originate in the Egyptian glyph and later forms of writing and mark-making in antiquity, he does not seem disturbed that this extrapolation situates Twombly's precarious marks in a trajectory of universal human desire.
One of the features that suggested they were all from the same place was a snakehead glyph.
After critically successful books such as Erasure (Hyperion, 2002), Glyph (Graywolf, 1999), Watershed (Beacon, 2003), and American Desert (Hyperion, 2004), it was time for the wizard of wit and irony to create an excellent collection of a dozen ingenious and humorous short stories, Damned If I Do, capable of mesmerizing the reader.
OpenType fonts are an extension to TrueType fonts that allow information required for glyph positioning and glyph substitution to be included in the font.
The painting on the pipe bag is now indistinct with age, but is of a tipi seen from the back, with Red Cloud's head and shoulders glyph above (not shown here).
The Imam's Delight, The Secret Glyph, The Trial Balloon.