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glyptic art in the form of a symbolic figure carved or incised in relief

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The Glyph technology is aimed at harnessing the biology of the lymphatic system to develop novel therapeutics, including those that selectively target certain lymph nodes.
The back is partly missing but most important, the front is almost entirely intact, showing a figure emptying a jar adorned with a chalchihuitl (jade) glyph, and pouring forth water, maize, and a grain that may be amaranth (Figs.
The remaining subjects received transitivity-induction training with 20 new glyph sets.
Avegant plans to present the final design of Glyph at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2015 and to start sales later in 2015.
To accomplish this feat, the Glyph uses a low-power, three-color LED.
The technology that powers the Glyph centers around a set of 2 million microscopic mirrors -- 1 million per eye-that reflect visuals, including 3-D, into the user's eye.
Glyphs include numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks, as well as letters.
Both Glyph and The Hollow prod at class and race issues in the South through a miasma of gothic creepiness.
The Halo 4 Glyph, which features in the game, was flown over London, dominating the city's night-time skyline.
We find deep meaning in the glyph of the scarab beetle.
To use the book, one simply scans the two pages at the beginning to find the desired concept represented by a glyph.
Here each glyph is shown above its upside-down version, and every letter inverts into a valid letter with the exception of "c".
Initially it seems confusing, but there are appendixes attached of video scripts, inclusion of ingenious Glyph symbols to decipher and actual videos to view of some of the unfolding action.
Mr Gray said: "There is a series of books and each book has a different glyph in it," he said.
One of the features that suggested they were all from the same place was a snakehead glyph.