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the presence of abnormally high levels of sugar in the urine

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The third was the discovery of Kleiner and Meltzer in 1915 that an aqueous extract of the normal pancreas injected into the veins of a normal dog reduced hyperglycemia as well as glycosuria.
This exhaustive physical activity induced some degree of renal dysfunction such as proteinuria and glycosuria (Table 1).
Extract of leaves is stimulant, diuretic, cardiovascular and hypoglycemic and has purgative action; are used in diabetes, chewed to reduce glycosuria.
Supra-physiological levels of corticosteroids may result in general suppression of the HPA axis, electrolyte abnormalities especially hypokalemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia and glycosuria, increased susceptibility to infection, osteoporosis, myopathy and the characteristic habitus of steroid overdose as seen in Cushing's syndrome (Brunton 2006).
Moreover, there are effects against elephantiasis and glycosuria reduction (Silva and Cechinel Filho, 2002; Menezes et al.
Reduction in glycosuria is an important reason that patients with diabetes often gain weight as their hyperglycemia is reduced with treatment.
In his "Lessons on diabetes" (1) published in 1877, the French investigator Claude Bernard recorded the finding that much larger amounts of glucose can be given orally rather than intravenously without production of glycosuria.
Uncommon: glycosuria, hypoglycaemia, increased lactic dehydrogenase, appetite increased, headache, vertigo, visual disturbance, sweating, proteinuria, fatigue.
This leads to an increase in blood glucose concentration and glycosuria which can cause numerous health problems such as heart and kidney disease, blindness and nerve damage, if left untreated.
Renal vasodilation leads to increases in renin, urinary protein, aldosterone excretion, sodium and water reabsorption, glycosuria, and aminoaciduria.
Her clinical signs included weight gain, increased bruising, and a cushingnoid appearance along with peripheral edema, hypertension, and glycosuria due to prolonged steroid usage.
He found that proteinuria was milder; anemia was more severe; and glycosuria, leukocyturia (40%), mild hypertension (80%), and asymmetric kidneys (54%) were more common compared with controls.
Magnesium deficiency in diabetes is most likely the result of increased urinary magnesium losses secondary to chronic glycosuria [sugar in the urine].
Laboratory abnormalities (Grade 3-4) occurring in at least one percent of patients in either treatment arm included neutrophils, ALT, AST, GGT, amylase, creatine kinase, hyperglycemia, total cholesterol, glycosuria and hematuria.
Investigators believe this is most likely due to the correction of glycosuria as the blood glucose decreased.