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a group of compounds derived from monosaccharides

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While rpsL is an essential gene, no synonymous mutations are tolerated for ribosomal function but result in reduced amino glycoside binding.
However, few studies have been carried out whether the low permeability of phenylethanoid glycoside in Forsythiae fructus extract in the intestinal mucosa led to the poor bioavailability or the bioavailability could be improved by suitable pharmaceutical methods.
Field trials have confirmed that 'SW 129' has very sweet leaves with high levels of steviol glycosides, very low bitterness and aftertaste, excellent overwintering, high plant vigor, high leaf yield and is late flowering.
SGF), the leading global producer of premium stevia extracts, today announced the company was granted a product patent pertaining to Reb D stevia glycosides combinations -- which offers customers an improved tasting stevia, particularly when combined with other steviol glycosides.
Cargill VP and Global Business Director for Health Ingredients David Henstrom remarked, "We are very excited about and fully committed to supporting fermentation-based steviol glycoside technology to provide our customers with a wider array of great-tasting options.
The sweetest and best-known steviol glycoside is Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A), which is to 400 times sweeter than sugar.
Twenty-one flavonoids (15 flavonol glycosides, three flavone glycosides and three aglycones) have been found recently in Dryopteris villarii by Imperato (Amer.
This finding is particularly exciting because specific up-regulation of a proapoptotic factor, FasL, by a cardiac glycoside has not previously been described.
14 April 2010 - Today, the European Food Safety Agency published a scientific opinion on the safety of steviol glycosides as sweeteners in food.
Hop flavonol glycoside extracted from the beer prevents histamine, an allergy-inducing substance.
Unlike the majority of isoflavones which are in glycoside form, and have to be converted to the aglycone or sugarless form to become biologically active, the isoflavones in Red Clover extract IFL40 occur naturally in the more bioavailable aglycone form.
In the recent study the denosine and the deamido nicotinamide riboside of NaAD are both in the anti conformation about glycoside bond.
Older leaves, lower on the plant, are the ones to harvest, since they are most highly concentrated in steviosides and rebaudiosides - the unique glycoside compounds that make stevia sweet.
The ingredients significantly outperform first generation Reb A solutions and come from our deep understanding of steviol glycoside research," said John Martin, PureCircle's Global Director for Technical Development and Innovation.