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a metabolic process that breaks down carbohydrates and sugars through a series of reactions to either pyruvic acid or lactic acid and releases energy for the body in the form of ATP

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Traditionally, mitochondrial respiration and glycolytic activity is obtained from a number of separate assays, with the comparison performed after the assay completion.
The role of energy modulation and the use of glycolytic inhibitors on cancer cell survival are, however, not clearly established in the literature.
2]--involved in muscle energy metabolism, glycolytic pathway in ATP generation, and organization of myofibril, respectively, that were downregulated differentially with the increase in storage time and were related particularly to K value, texture, color, and sensory characteristics.
Therefore, this result reveals that tangeretin enhances the glycolytic enzymes and controls the glucose metabolism in the hepatic tissues of diabetic rats by stimulating insulin production from existing beta cells of pancreas by its antioxidant potential.
Therefore, the main purpose of the current study was to estimate the glycolytic and aerobic contributions to performance during IET.
The glycolytic enzyme glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase mediates nuclear cell death.
Bionovo's Chairman and CEO, stated, "The promising selectivity of BZL101 towards cancer cells is based on metabolic differences between highly glycolytic tumor cells and normal cells.
It is suggested NAD+ to some degree regulates formation of aberrant proteins and generation of oxygen free-radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS), because when NAD+ is limiting, glycolytic triose phosphates spontaneously decompose into methylglyoxal (MG), a highly deleterious glycating agent and ROS inducer.
Unlike the regular form of Max, Delta Max actually enhances c-MYC activity, specifically by promoting the glycolytic phenotype of the tumor cells," said Mischel.
The black area denotes anaerobic metabolism, the glycolytic pathway.
During seed germination, there is a rapid increase in glycolytic activity linked to an increased rate of respiration [14].
2001) suggested that I199V substitution also significantly affected glycogen and lactate content, glycolytic potential measures and some of the meat quality traits associated with these measures, while G52S only significantly affected ham pH and loin Minolta L (the latter was not analyzed in our study).
The researchers chose this specific system, called glycolytic oscillations, to perform a virtual test of the software because it is one of the most extensively studied biological control systems.
In fact, many experts refer to MODY as being either "glucokinase diabetes" (resulting from mutations in the gene that encodes the glycolytic enzyme glucokinase) or "transcription factor diabetes" (resulting from mutations in genes that encode various transcription factors).
Mannoheptulose partially turns off hexokinase, an enzyme that ignites a series of chemical reactions, known as the glycolytic pathway, when glucose enters a cell.