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an ester of glycerol and fatty acids that occurs naturally as fats and fatty oils

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Whereas, coconut oil consists of glyceride of fatty acids with low molecular weight and hence, has high saponification value.
It revealed that GBE could restore fatty acid metabolism, sphingolipid metabolism, phospholipid and glyceride metabolism, energy metabolism and amino acid metabolism.
The transesterification was conducted near the boiling point of the alcohol because above the boiling point, presence of alkaline catalyst causes the glycerides to saponificate fast before the process completes [17].
Actually, in order to increase the yield of individual partial glyceride, to some extent, the reaction could be conducted by changing the initial glycerol/oil ratio, catalyst, (62) or by using a co-solvent.
Clinical measurement of serum glyceride concentrations is an important parameter for assessing and managing cardiovascular disease (CVD) [3] risk.
Diacyl glyceride (DAG) has been shown to be beneficial in reducing these disorders [3].
The Sheffield Pharma Ingredients portfolio now includes one of the industry's safest, strongest lactose excipient ranges, an innovative tabletting system, Mastertaste pharma flavours, film coating systems, and a range of NF-monographed glyceride emulsifiers.
Interesterification rearranges the fatty acids on the glyceride backbone to get a different melt point," explains Robert Reeves, president of the Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils in Washington.
Is - 15607: 2005 Or Latest Revision And Additional Parameters As Indicated Below 1 Parameter - Mono Glyceride Content, Limit- 0.
Also in another research which has been carried out in the past, it has been mentioned that consumption of tranian walnut oil extract in a way which is related to dose, has caused the decrease of glyceride, cholesterol and LDL-C in rats having high cholesterol (and non-diabetic) [29].
A polyglycolised glyceride lipid carrier, Gelucire 50/13 (G50/13) was used to develop sustained release capsules while high viscosity grade HPMC was used to form sustained release tablets of diltiazem HCl.
Epoxidized 10-undecenoic acid triglyceride, an experimental seed oil derivative that has a terminal epoxy group on each of the three acyl glyceride segments, has been found to have good reactivity with amine curatives and allows room temperature cures to be obtained.
CardiaBeat is a lipid-regulating agent, composed of plant sterol esters of omega 3 fatty acids in an omega 3 glyceride matrix.
This prompted Fredrickson to write in 1974, "Its resistance to characterization, its seeming essentiality for glyceride transport, and perhaps the added suspicion that it has something to do with atherogenesis have all transformed apo B into one of the central mysteries of lipoprotein physiology" (1).