glyceric acid

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a syrupy acid obtained by oxidation of glycerol or glyceraldehyde

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For the identification of the possible products of the glycerol oxidation several standard substances as follows were used: DL-glyceraldehyde dimer ([greater than or equal to]97%, Aldrich), 1,3-dihydroxyacetone dimer ([greater than or equal to]97%, Aldrich), glyceric acid calcium salt hydrate ([greater than or equal to]99%, Fluka), sodium [beta]-hydroxypyruvate hydrate ([greater than or equal to]97%, Fluka), lithium lactate ([greater than or equal to]97%, Fluka), tartronic acid ([greater than or equal to]98%, Alfa Aesar), sodium mesoxalate monohydrate ([greater than or equal to]98%, Aldrich), glycolic acid ([greater than or equal to]99%, Acros organics), glyoxylic acid monohydrate ([greater than or equal to]98%, Aldrich), oxalic acid (98%, Aldrich), acetate standard for IC (1.
The organic acid test includes two additional markers, glycolic and glyceric acids, that are markedly elevated in genetic causes of excessive oxalate, the hyperoxalurias I and II.
Of the 6 metabolites showing statistically significant interactions among PCOS and obesity, glycerol, adipic, linoleic, and glyceric acid were reduced in nonobese PCOS patients and increased in obese PCOS patients compared with their nonobese and obese counterparts (Fig.
Dead or Alive star Pete admits to four nose jobs, lip enlargement, Botox and "the odd glyceric acid peel".