glyceric acid

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a syrupy acid obtained by oxidation of glycerol or glyceraldehyde

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The organic acid test includes two additional markers, glycolic and glyceric acids, that are markedly elevated in genetic causes of excessive oxalate, the hyperoxalurias I and II.
Furthermore, we have no clear explanation for the changes in other metabolites, such as citramalic, adipic acid, gluconic acid lactone, or glyceric acid, although the last 2 metabolites (which are products of glucose and glycerol oxidation, respectively) may represent artifacts resulting from the high temperatures reached during gas chromatography.
4 339 Interaction between PCOS and obesity Lactic acid -- 191 Glyceric acid -- 292 Adipic acid (b) -- 2 5 Glycerolb -- 205 Linoleic acid (b) -- 33 Oleic acid (b) -- 339 Comparison by Retention Fiehn/NIST metabolite time, min match, % probability NIST or net Fiehn Controls vs PCOS patients 2-Ketoisocaproic 9.
Glyceric acid was supplied as a syrup with a significant water content and was lyophilized before dissolving in pyridine.