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Synonyms for gluttonous

Synonyms for gluttonous

wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume

having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Antonyms for gluttonous

given to excess in consumption of especially food or drink

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It seems as if the rabbis are harsher on rebellion when it comes from an elderly and respected member of the community than when it comes from a gluttonous and drunken youth.
So blame predatory bosses and reckless Tories inviting gluttonous owners to feast on grafters if your post and parcels are late after next month's buytastic Black Friday, or at Christmas.
When an experimental drug was used to reduce the cells in gluttonous mice, they ate 15 per cent less and gained 20 per cent less weight.
com that the first lady must be wary of the public watching her moves: "This is gluttonous politics surpassing the evil of biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.
Always insisting on having her own way, Sophie can be described as gluttonous, lazy, and even dishonest.
The Improbability Of Love is an ambitious and almost gluttonous read that feels like several books rolled into one.
The possibility of decent wellpaid work would help many people to avoid an unhealthy lifestyle but gluttonous fat cats have ruined this.
She again had a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables and potatoes served from a big dish enough for a small army, We were full with the giddy, gluttonous feeling a truly brilliant roast leaves.
MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT (PS4) MURDERED: Soul Suspect is a Marmite title, where one gamer's gluttonous consumption of paranormal action adventure will match another's cold-hearted castigation.
As bedrock fizzles free & pops we lose ontology amidst the fattened dark, trusting the dance floor with our impermanent parts, vigor that will flee like horses heart: a gluttonous sea, rusting the dance floor.
The gluttonous black holes that power quasars and produce huge amounts of radiation have gas reservoirs much cooler and denser than that of Sgr A*.
Alfie's analysis focuses on the relationship between sins of the tongue (speech) and sins of the throat (gluttony) in a medieval context as manifested by the insistent 'piangere e cantar' of the gluttonous sinners and the presence of two misguided tenzonanti among them--Forese and Bonagiunta.
In a Forbes op-ed headlined "Shame On The Gluttonous Bakery Union Members, Blasted Twinkie Killers," writer Mark Hendrickson offered one of the more scathing attacks: "I can't respect a union that would kill off the Twinkle and their own jobs due to a false sense of pride.
Can Natalie interfere and foil the murder plot being devised by the scheming twosome to slaughter Blake Belmont and get their gluttonous hands on his billions of bucks brought in by his Belmont Beer empire?
The renaissance of Monty Panesar, a disciplined Kevin Pietersen and a gluttonous run-making machine in Alastair Cook have taken the honours since.