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Synonyms for gluttonous

Synonyms for gluttonous

wanting to eat or drink more than one can reasonably consume

having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit

Antonyms for gluttonous

given to excess in consumption of especially food or drink

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30pm The comedy team present a series of sketches pondering the secrets and taboos of life and death, the highlight being Terry Jones' gruesomely gluttonous Mr.
THE Gluttonous Gardener offers a lavender plant in a large terracotta pot ready to be planted, a delicious jar of lavender jelly and a generous bagful of dried lavender flowers to scent the room, arriving in a decorative crate.
If food or drink is close to your heart, splash out on a red wine and vine box from The Gluttonous Gardener, a gorgeous gift of a bottle of vintage claret (Chateau Belle Garde) accompanied with a healthy red grape vine, ready to plant, with full instructions.
He is tremendously arrogant and gluttonous and tends to get Lillebror into trouble; he repeatedly describes himself as "handsome, clever, and moderately plump.
A buy of England's match tonups at 65 looks a tempting trade considering the home side's gluttonous appetite for runs.
Don't get us wrong, we are all for preserving the environment and we'd be the first to admit the UAE's gluttonous consumption of plastic bags is a serious problem.
THE STORY: Paama tires of her husband Ansige's antics--he's gluttonous, steals, and brings disgrace to her family--and leaves him for her home village of Makende.
Only the really rich and gluttonous had a weight problem - and they didn't see it as a problem.
20 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- This is a holiday centered on gluttonous enjoyment and a season for giving.
She also explains the uses of both Irish and continental satire in this story of a king possessed by a gluttonous demon.
Eataly is an irresistible realization of every food-lover's gluttonous fantasy, paired with guilt-cleansing social conscience--a new combination of grand food hall, farm stand, continuing-education university, and throbbing urban market.
As far-fetched as it might sound, the situation has actually gotten worse in the past years; the prices that we pay for our unreliable utility have continued to rise inexorably, while the subsidy we taxpayers annually send to the gluttonous Electricite du Liban (EdL) has matched power costs in its mysterious climb skyward.
This rodizio in Sao Paolo is a meat emporium, fit for the most gluttonous.
Unfortunately, modern delivery systems and highly subsidized pricing have created the illusion that water is both unlimited and free, inciting gluttonous consumption.
Though scholars argue whether Shakespeare was lambasting Catholics or Puritans with his depiction of Sir John, Fitzpatrick's argues that what is more significant is Shakespeare's "development of a gluttonous figure and his perspective on the moral consequences of excessive culinary indulgence" (20).