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Synonyms for glutton

Synonyms for glutton

a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess

musteline mammal of northern Eurasia

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Cancer could be drastically reduced if people were not such gluttons and if increasing income and food supply did not overfeed the average person.
But, as well as being a glutton for punishment, he is also very successful.
Now, we've gotten to see what Gibson, another glutton, might have done, though with the name of Barry Bonds.
If you are a glutton for punishment, write to: 533 W Ward St, Apt C, Ridgecrest, CA 93555
So it's kind of like you just have to be a glutton for the punishment if you want to continue to do it.
History has unfortunately branded the pig as a glutton and an indiscriminate consumer.
Rabelais meets the fantastic glutton Sir Patagruel in his dream.
After pursuing Bestfoods for a month, the Anglo-Dutch glutton succeeded in its bid to add Bestfoods to its ongoing Latin American smorgasbord.
A self-professed glutton for personnel development and training, Rogers describes the university as a "Mecca" for her.
Additionally, for the extremely health conscious, Brussels/ChocoMed has now completed the development of three "all organic" fruit and nut bars which are 100% all organic ingredients, vegan certified, wheat and glutton free.
Greedy Glutton Software's app VideoGhost, which has been offered for free, can also work as a standard video player.
Before we get judgmental of other people and their eating habits, remember that one of the criticisms made of Jesus, as recorded in the Gospels, was that He was a glutton and a drinker.
Now manager Stuart Robertson believes his goal glutton could help them reach the Scottish Cup proper this season.
So a glutton for punishment like Chestnut -- the current world record holder in devouring pork ribs (5 1/2 pounds in 12 minutes last July), waffles (18 1/2 in 10minutes in September) and buffalo wings (173 at Wing Bowl XIV in Philadelphia in February) -- has given American TV viewers another pop culture icon to temporarily divert their attention from global warming and other such trivial matters.
Clearly a glutton for punishment, the 22-year-old is confident the months of riding out, fitness work and boxing that constituted his training regime for Aintree have prepared him for the rigours ahead today as a member of the eight-strong team running for Racing Welfare.