gluteus muscle

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any one of three large skeletal muscles that form the buttock and move the thigh

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Stress relaxation of porcine gluteus muscle subjected to sudden transverse deformation as related to pressure sore modeling.
Conclusions: Late-onset MADD patients show a typical muscular imaging pattern of fat infiltration and atrophy on anterior, posterior, and medial thigh muscle groups, with major involvement of posterior thigh muscle group and gluteus muscles and a sparing involvement of anterior thigh compartment.
All in all, it was a bad night for the Angels, who found out earlier in the day that closer Troy Percival would have to go on the disabled list with a strained gluteus muscle and degenerative changes in his right hip joint.
Our study showed that mild fatty infiltration mainly occurred in the posterior compartment of thigh and gluteus muscles in MADD patients, while edema was rarely seen.
If you have any history of back injury or current back pain or osteoporosis, it's a good idea to consult a physical therapist for advice on what types of exercises will safely strengthen your abdominal and gluteus muscles without putting you at risk of injury.
The pelvis of one with developed gluteus muscles and tissue may appear to be tilted anteriorly (forward), when in fact the pelvis is neutral (Figure 6).
Hip extensor muscles include hamstring and gluteus muscles as lumbopelvic stable during lumbopelvic rhythm.
These are made up of several muscle groups: The "abs" at the front of your abdomen; the internal and external obliques in the front and sides of the abdomen; the transversus muscles that run horizontally across your lower abdomen, the erector spinae (the large muscles on either side of your spinal core), the scapulae (the muscles that surround your shoulder blades), the gluteus muscles in your hips and buttocks, and the iliopsoas and quadratus lumborum muscles in your pelvis.
This exercise targets the quadriceps (the large muscles on the front of the thigh) and the gluteus muscles in the buttocks.
The gluteus muscles are spread, with muscle fibers separated longitudinally, and once the ligament is reached, it is transected at its narrowest point.
Pool workouts with a kick board can be effective endurance builders for your hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus muscles.
You can work out your thigh (quads) and gluteus muscles by using your couch as exercise equipment.
TARGET AREA: The bum, to tone up those gluteus muscles.
Gokhale's lesson on "glidewalking" demonstrates that walking properly utilizes the leg and gluteus muscles and is not merely a "series of forward falls blocked abruptly by the forward leg.
They are working on his hip, thigh and gluteus muscles using an exercise called resisted abduction.