gluteus maximus

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the outermost of the three gluteal muscles

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Combing with the significant reduction of muscle strength in gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and posterior group, it could be speculated that the degree of fat infiltration was consistent with the muscle strength.
We hypothesised that the Y-strip kinesio tape application method (group A) would cause a greater increase in explosive muscle power of gluteus maximus muscle from baseline to post-application in male athletes than the I-method application (group B) would.
6) revealed the following: (i) the superior gluteal region is supplied by 5 [+ or -] 2 cutaneous perforators arising from the superior gluteal artery; (ii) all perforators are musculocutaneous, with 50% passing through the gluteus maximus muscle while the remaining 50% pass through the gluteus medius muscle; (iii) the average diameter of the perforators arising from the superior gluteal artery is 0.
The exercise intensity may be too low during BFR walk training to cause muscle hypertrophy in the non- blood flow restricted gluteus maximus and other trunk muscles.
The minimally-invasive group procedure was performed through a 6 to 8 cm posterior incision, starting at the posterior edge of the trochanter, approximately 2 cm from the top and extending proximally in the orientation of the gluteus maximus muscle.
The muscles to be examined were the biceps, triceps, hamstrings, quadriceps, abdominal flexors, and gluteus maximus muscles.
You need to focus specifically on the gluteus maximus as I am guessing that this muscle is not working very well and when you extend your hip you are using your hamstring and thus you are overusing this muscle.
5,8,9,10) The later situation alludes to a derangement in the functional relationship between the posterior iliotibial band (ITB), or the anterior aspect of the gluteus maximus muscle as it travels over the greater trochanter during flexion and extension of the hip joint.
It is obvious that not only were the propositions rejected, but the governor received a kick in his muscle-bound gluteus maximus.
Gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body and is important in many functional activities such as walking, running and lifting.
Nearly half haven't a clue that the gluteus maximus is the buttock muscle.
The UC believes that universities exist to exercise the cerebral cortex rather than the gluteus maximus.
Jobbing' happens to be the seventeenth-century Scots colloquialism for sexual intercourse -- women in the Gluteus maximus.