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any one of three large skeletal muscles that form the buttock and move the thigh

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Muscles worked - Erector Spinea (Lower Back) Gluteus Maximus (Bum), Quadriceps & Hamstrings (Legs) As we can see we're hitting a lot of the same muscles multiple times throughout each different movement which is what we'll be aiming for as the more stress we put the muscle under the more it will grow
Sorry, Tom: as ever, Lawnmower was talking through his gluteus maximus and the injurious little weed deserves a painful pruning.
They are most often bilateral, conical osseous excrescences that typically project dorsolaterally from the posterior ilia and serve as the origin of the gluteus medius muscles (5).
Functional scores and muscular strengths of gluteus maximus and quadriceps for both limbs and residual-limb length.
The amplitudes of Gluteus Maximus muscle are 43, 42 and 45 for the left leg and in right leg is 44, 27 and 26 for all three cases respectively.
Strengthening the gluteus medius and minimus has been proven to support biomechanical stability in physical activity [11].
He was involved in the games against Brentford and Swindon but not any others, for different reasons; pulled a muscle in his gluteus that prevented him from being involved for two weeks and he's been complaining of pain in the foot.
According to the Huffington Post, she wrote in a post on her Facebook page 'global warming my gluteus maximus'.
There is little I won't do in the fight against stiff trapezius muscles and a tight gluteus maximus.
We did not come across any information about the other muscles of the right lower extremity, which implies that gluteus maximus and medius muscles might not have been evaluated, if evaluated no results have been reported.
Stiffness and tone (frequency of muscle oscillations) of the both left and right sides of the lumbar erector spinae (ER) and gluteus medius (GM) muscles were investigated.
new on Monroe ITV1, 9pm Gifted at his job, but a pain in the gluteus maximus to his colleagues, Jim Nesbitt returns as Gregory House, er sorry, Gabriel Monroe, a neurosurgeon with a sharp tongue.
Additionally, EMG was recorded from the gluteus maximus, vastus lateralis, and biceps femoris during the last 15 seconds of each 5-minute stage.
Single leg dumbbell with a straight leg lift THIS targets the hamstrings, gluteus and core muscles.