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a simple protein found in the seeds of cereals

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The IVPD of the glutelin fraction increased during the last six hours of fermentation.
The glutelin fraction remaining in the meal was then extracted with 0.
The non-zein protein consists of globulins (3%) glutelins (34%) and albumins (3%).
This common extraction methods used in this study is feasible as rice bran protein consisted of albulmin: globulin: glutelin at the ratio of 36:5:22 with mainly albumin and globulin (Juliano, 1985).
This research has indicated, for example, that many ribosomal proteins and histone genes were found in growth-phase callus while genes encoding globulin and seed storage proteins such as glutelin and prolamine were identified in ripening panicles.
Quantitative nature of the Prolamin-box, ACGT and AACA motifs in a rice glutelin gene promoter: Minimal cis-element requirements for endosperm-specific gene expression.
Following this, the nitrocellulose membrane was incubated with polyclonal antibodies specific for rice glutelin (Krishnan et al.
is less than] 16 kDa), and PB-II, which contains glutelin (mol.
The partial amino acid sequence of embryo glutelin was identical to endosperm glutelin.
2003); globulins (60%), albumins (20%) and glutelins (15%) being the predominant protein types (Hussein and Murtaza, 2006).
6%, respectively), which strongly indicated that most of the soluble protein fractions in DDGS had been removed during processing and resulted in a very insoluble, ruminally undegradable protein that contained mostly prolamins and glutelins (Clark et al.
Composition and digestibility of albumins, globulins and glutelins from Phaseolus vulgaris.
Composition and digestibility of alvumin, globulin, and glutelins from Phaseolus vulgaris.
Accumulation of soybean glycinin and its assembly with the glutelins in rice.