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a simple protein found in the seeds of cereals

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Elkhalifa and El Tinay (1994) estimated the protein fractions of sorghum dough prepared in the same manner for as the production of kisra for low- and high-tannin sorghum cultivars and reported that during fermentation there was a decrease in the prolamin fraction, an increase in the glutelin and a slight increase in the albumin and globulin fractions for the low-tannin cultivar.
JT will grant to Syngenta its share of commercialization rights to three varieties of hybrid rice and a low glutelin rice that are currently being developed by Orynova K.
This common extraction methods used in this study is feasible as rice bran protein consisted of albulmin: globulin: glutelin at the ratio of 36:5:22 with mainly albumin and globulin (Juliano, 1985).
6%, respectively), which strongly indicated that most of the soluble protein fractions in DDGS had been removed during processing and resulted in a very insoluble, ruminally undegradable protein that contained mostly prolamins and glutelins (Clark et al.
Composition and digestibility of albumin, globulins, and glutelins from Phaseolus vulgaris.