gluteal muscle

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any one of three large skeletal muscles that form the buttock and move the thigh

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Unfortunately, although the effects of fatigue have been evaluated frequently in the literature, no existing models assess the effect of gluteal muscles fatigue on functional performance testing in subjects with and without CAI.
7] The limited lumbo-pelvic rotation required is attributed to the stabilisers within the pelvis, including the gluteal muscles and short lateral rotators of the trail hip, acting eccentrically at the top of the back swing.
Rather, they reported that the third trochanter is a structure which is correlated with an altered gluteal muscle function.
The Welshman was an unused substitute in Madrid's 5-0 win at Levante on Saturday after returning to the Spanish capital with a gluteal muscle injury picked up in playing for his country last week.
Following the favorable results of Phase I/II trial under the company's first orthopedic indication, the treatment of injured gluteal muscle after total hip replacement, it has selected rotator cuff repair as an important indication in need of a novel cell therapy solution.
On the ipsilateral side, the gluteal muscle itself is preserved and all flaps based on the inferior gluteal artery are still possible.
Electrodes align automatically over the gluteal and hamstring muscles as the ES shorts are put on, with one electrode positioned at the upper (proximal) part of the gluteal muscle above the sitting area and one about halfway down the hamstrings area, preventing the participant from sitting on the electrodes or wires while wearing the shorts.
3% did not know the correct site for IMI in the gluteal muscle and an astounding 87.
Future rehabilitation programs should take into account possible lexion and external rotation range limitations and the need for gluteal muscle strengthening along with symmetry and pelvic alignment correction.
Over the next five years of the agreement through 2017, BCRT and Pluristem will work together on Pluristcm's Phase 1/2 clinical trial in Germany on the regeneration of injured gluteal muscle, as well as on immunological research and the development of new product candidates.
Further research into the mechanisms underlying the increased health risks associated with high waist-to-hip ratio is needed, specifically to delineate the role of intra-abdominal visceral fat, relative to pelvic bone size, gluteal muscle, and gluteal fat, in older adults' health risks.
Declan Fitzpatrick has a contusion to his gluteal muscle.
After straining his right gluteal muscle, world No.