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Synonyms for glute

any one of three large skeletal muscles that form the buttock and move the thigh

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Then roll back and forth, and repeat with the roller under your left glute.
aerobic exercise Walk - Whether you're walking for fitness or to the shops, do it briskly so that you can push your glutes to the max.
In class, Kane suggests that tucked dancers work on using "less effort, to release the glutes.
Shift weight to your right foot and squeeze your right glute.
The glute bridge is used a lot by athletes trying to activate their glutes before exercise, but it can also be used in a workout.
Squeeze your glute muscle as you hold this position for a few seconds.
15, and the leg press features a floating footplate to ensure proper position for thigh, hamstring, glute, calf and ankle exercises.
PT then also focused on hip, core and glute exercises.
Lift & Shape Glute Workout (20 minutes) The secret to a rock-hard backside, this workout focuses on firming, lifting and shaping the glutes.
A combination of a glute problem and minor neck strain forced him to sit out the Heineken Cup victory at Glasgow last weekend, but he is expected to be fit to face Montpellier on Saturday.
The Scot said he was fully recovered from the glute muscle strain that affected him in the Paris Masters.
After having his glute, hamstring and back heavily massaged, play resumed and Nadal seemed to perform with greater authority.
It's just glute activation work, core stability and strengthening all of the surrounding areas - hamstrings etc.