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any one of three large skeletal muscles that form the buttock and move the thigh

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The fat storages near the top in the upper part of the glutes are equal and gives it a very full appearance.
As far as overall daily function, you use your glutes more than your quadriceps.
The proper movement pattern for walking is to feel your abdominal muscles engage, then your glute muscles engage, then your leg muscles moving forward from right underneath your "sit bones" (the section of your pelvic bone that touches first when you sit down), Turner explains
Then roll back and forth, and repeat with the roller under your left glute.
The benefits to strong glutes are, therefore, stronger posture, reduced pain in the joints and, of course, a perfectly toned beach bottom.
It's not just about feeling super confident in a bikini: The benefits of a strong booty include everything from preventing injuries to improving your performance on the soccer field (your glutes have a major impact on agility, speed and power) to revving up your metabolism (muscle bums more calories than fat--so the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolic rate).
PT then also focused on hip, core and glute exercises.
Koby had a glute problem then, on return from rehab, just picked up a little niggle in his groin," said Clark.
The basic movements the glute med is responsible for are abduction (moving your leg away from your body to the side) and lateral rotation (twisting your foot outwards).
A combination of a glute problem and minor neck strain forced him to sit out the Heineken Cup victory at Glasgow last weekend, but he is expected to be fit to face Montpellier on Saturday.
It's just glute activation work, core stability and strengthening all of the surrounding areas - hamstrings etc.
The Burnley midfielder has a glute issue and took no part in yesterday's first training session of the week in Dublin.
If you bike up hills, your glute muscles do more work.
Keep your right leg straight and with your left leg bent at the knee, pull it into your chest and slightly over to the right side until you feel tension in your left glute (buttock).
After having his glute, hamstring and back heavily massaged, play resumed and Nadal seemed to perform with greater authority.