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a crystalline amino acid occurring in proteins

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Conversion of glutamic acid to glutamine neutralizes the negative charge of amino acid at position 368; this loss of charge will affect its interaction with other amino acids and neighboring molecules.
In fact, a prevention trial in premature infants sought to determine if glutamine supplementation could reduce infections.
The other way to generate 'new bicarbonates' occurs through glutamine catabolism in the kidneys.
Effect of alanyl-glutamine supplementation on plasma and tissue glutamine concentrations in rats submitted to exhaustive exercise.
One of the main enzymes of this process is glutamine synthetase (GS) catalyzing the reaction of glutamine synthesis from the glutamic acid [6,7].
Conclusion: Supplementing early enteral micro-feeding with glutamine promoted the absorption of neonatal routine nutrients and vitamin D, obviously regulated gastrointestinal hormones, and elevated weight as a result.
The powder released about 7% of glutamine after 14 days of storage at 4 C and pH 3.
Glutamine synthetase staining was scored as negative (0%-5%), perivenular, diffuse or maplike (solid areas with a heterogenous pattern).
But the answer wasn't as simple as buying glutamine in a health food store.
Background: Associations between glutamine (Gln) enriched nutrition support and surgical patients with gastrointestinal (GI) tumor remain controversy.
The inclusion of glutamine in the piglets' diet is one of the recent tools that favor high replication of gastrointestinal tract and immune system cells (6).
Summary: Ammonium-selective glutamine biosensor was prepared by immobilizing glutaminase on poly(vinylchloride) (PVC) ammonium membrane electrode containing palmitic acid prepared by using nonactine.
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and blood, however in times of stress, such as sepsis, concentrations decrease to as low as 50%.
Along with a proprietary protein, Vampt's Gator-ale is brewed to include other key nutrients such as glutamine, Vitamin C, Zinc and sodium and potassium.
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