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a class of transferases that catalyze transamination (that transfer an amino group from an amino acid to another compound)

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The mean serum urea and potassium levels, though within normal limits, were higher in non-pregnant than pregnant women, as were the mean serum aspartate amino-transferase (AAT)/ serum glutamic oxaloacetic acid transaminase (SGOT), alanine aminotransferase (ALT)/ serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (SGPT) and serum amylase (Table III).
The exclusion criteria were as follows: (suspect) premature atherosclerosis, premature atherosclerosis in first degree family members, stroke, thrombosis, renal disease (serum creatinine >120 [micro]mol/L), liver disease [defined as alkaline phosphatase (AP), glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase (GOT; aspartate 2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase), glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (GPT; alkaine 2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase) and/or [gamma]-glutamyltransferase ([gamma]-GT) above the respective reference intervals], pregnancy, psoriasis, seizures, and use of methotrexate and phenytoin.
With the growing use of these effective lipid-lowering therapies comes an increased need to monitor ALT -- also known as serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (SGPT).
His lactate dehydrogenase was 1,108 U/L (normal range, 310-620 U/L), but his serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase, serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase, alkaline phosphatase, and bilirubin were all normal.
A new colorimetric ultramicromethod for serum glutamicoxaloacetic and glutamic-pyruvic transaminase determination.
The enzyme activities for glutamicoxaloacetic transaminase (GOT) or glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (GPT) were assayed using a commercially available GOP-GPT assay kit (Asan Pharmaceutical, Hwaseoung, Korea) as the manufacturer recommended.
The supernatants were used for the assays of glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase (GOT), glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (GPT), total antioxidant capacity (T-AOC), total superoxide dismutase (T-SOD), catalase (CAT), glutathione reductase (GR), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-PX), malondiadehyde (MDA) and GSH.
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