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a salt or ester of glutamic acid

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The FASEB report's identification of a small subset of the population -- severe asthmatics -- who may experience a reaction is apparently based on a single Australian study of a small number of subjects who responded to glutamate at a relatively high dose.
The Glutamate Association fully expects the Food and Drug Administration to concur with FASEB's review and to reaffirm its previous endorsement of the safety of monosodium glutamate as a food ingredient," Cristol added.
CONTACT: Richard Cristol of The Glutamate Association, 202-785-3232/
CO: Glutamate Association; Federation of American Societies for
Free glutamate is found as a natural component in many foods in addition to sea tangles.
Physiologically, glutamate is one of the most commonly occurring amino acids.
Kenney and Tidball also analyzed plasma glutamate levels of the test subjects.
Further research is necessary before the final chapter can be written regarding CRS, because there is still not a definite causal link with MSG, a defined physiologic mechanism, or an answer to the lack of reactions linked to natural glutamate.
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