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Synonyms for glut

Synonyms for glut

to satisfy to the full or to excess

an amount or quantity beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate

Synonyms for glut

the quality of being so overabundant that prices fall

supply with an excess of

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In the words of one Glut Cooperative customer: "When, from the future, we look back and explain how we got this far and how we did so well, not as individuals but as a community, [we] will find that Glut was more than a store; it was a historically significant idea.
Bernanke (2010), on the other hand, disagreed with the Taylor's view and instead pointed the blame toward structural factors, such as the global saving glut, changes in regulations regarding GSEs, and the rapid pace of innovation in the mortgage market.
In other words, while a "savings" glut may contribute to low interest rates and fuel excess credit creation, it is not the main cause.
Chuck Bachrach, director of Media Resources and Programming for the West Coast ad agency Rubin, Postaer and Associates, recently issued a report to advertisers assessing the fall season, pointing to the glut of serialized shows as a concern.
Acute regulation by insulin of phospha-tidylinositol-3-kinase, Rad, Glut 4, and lipoprotein lipase mRNA levels in human muscle.
Hartley Multimaki, vice-president of planning and development for the Buchanan Group, says that, while there may be a glut of finished product in the market, there are serious shortages of round wood in Ontario.
According to a comprehensive report on the crisis released last year by Oxfam International, there are now more than 40 million excess bags of coffee on the market--more than double the excess coffee in previous gluts--and perhaps the worst coffee glut in history.
IN BRIEF: The office space glut has pushed Tokyo landlords to offer as much as a half year of free rent to lure businesses to vacant office space.
teens' glut of simple-carbohydrate foods may be hazardous to the skin.
Companies are adopting and growing their storage area networks to manage their email glut as much as their critical database storage.
The telecom industry has been mired in a horrendous slump created by a glut of competition and oceans of overvalued assets from unused capacity.
The glut is prompting owners to cut rents and offer special terms, Graham said.
In Get Off the Internet, a crackling composition of white marks on a black field, awkwardly rhyming letters and impetuous contours arranged in loosely structured horizontal registers proffer a glut of "information," as it is called in reference to cyberspace.
Contributing factors: A glut in capacity and slackened demand continue to depress PE tabs.
To which I say--with all due respect, of course--heck no, what we've got here is a civility glut.