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Synonyms for glumness

Synonyms for glumness

an atmosphere of depression and melancholy

a gloomy ill-tempered feeling

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It is almost as though the glumness of this thankfully short evening is an end in itself, a kind of theatrical exorcism of guilt for living comfortably far away from such unimaginable (and here scarcely imagined) realities.
Dom: Since my glumness isn't rubbing off on you, let's talk about people.
Octavia Barron Martin does her best as Ziggi's daughter, oscillating between glumness and manic enthusiasm.
To me, this enforced glumness became irritating; but then, I'm an American.
We have added women poets to our classes' reading lists," James Najarian said with a certain glumness (though astutely pointing out that we have not added race to Victorian poetry), as if to say, "Now what?
Even if the adolescents are not always able to describe their persistent sad moods in words they may show it in behavior changes which include sad expressions of glumness and looking downcast, tearfulness or stooped posture, the wringing of hands and restlessness (Greist & Jefferson, 1992:4; Koplewicz & Klass, 1993:200).
If that wasn't enough glumness for one day, Sorcha tears into Lorcan when she finds her underage daughter Jenny drunk at the Galley.
A circle of activists, think tankers and journalists formed around the poi, who held forth with enthusiastic glumness.
Unlike painted portraiture (emblematized in General Gabler's portrait that looms over the play's action), photography suddenly did not romanticize, or ennoble or deify, but more often than not portrayed the glumness of those lives.
As the handler inspects his charge for wounds, any sign of glumness provokes gleeful howls from the rival's supporters.
With the votes all finally counted and no possibility that there had been any error, Turkish television viewers were treated to the unusual sight in early April of practically the whole Turkish cabinet wearing an almost identical expression of glumness and defeat.
These start with the view that the lyrical, Yeatslan 'proto-Larkin' converted in 1946 to Hardy and glumness and go on to include the 'new charges of ideological correctness' and 'the old charges of genteel parochialism'.
In a study carried out by experts at Newcastle University, the insects were tested for their responses to a fake predator attack, with scientists finding they often began to reflect the "glass is half empty" glumness of humans.
In contrast, the listless despondence of Wegner's other, faintly drawn children only emphasizes Jacob's more facially detailed lack of glumness (45) or resolute heroism, such as the illustration showing Jacob taking action as a budding author (65).
I used to sense the glumness of this meal that we prepare or present for our readers.