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There we wear the glummest faces collected in the high school cafeteria since the mandatory freshman-parent-orientation.
You also get the glummest of all the minor childhood glums - knowing no-one will come to your party.
They're certainly a bit depressed this weather but even the glummest Dons fan can surely enjoy a wee smile at the announcement I heard on the north-bound train from Queen Street Station in midweek.
Glummest pairing of them all this week has to be Colin Montgomerie and Tim Henman.
ELECTRO rocker Gary Numan was once the glummest man pop.
So what now for the glummest manager in English football?
However, Reid - who rowed with Trapattoni in Mainz after the Georgia game - was benched for the duration once again and cut the glummest figure in Croke Park.
MIRROR, mirror on the wall, who's the glummest of them all .
As she clowned around to control her nerves, she was barely recognisable as the actress who plays single mum Dawn Woods - who has one of the glummest plotlines in soapland.
His famous cheesy grin is swapped for the glummest of expressions.