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in a sullen manner

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The first 20 to 25 minutes were good from Paraguay -- we could have made the difference there," said Martino glumly.
FAT'S NO GOOD: bare-chested Toon fans look on glumly
Over the festive period we've become glumly resigned to municipalities bringing seasonal 'cheer' to public spaces, usually involving execrable lighting displays and/or piped muzak.
Orlando Man City 20 CARLOS TEVEZ and Roque Santa Cruz looked on glumly from the stands as South Africa's Orlando Pirates sank City hopes of a winning start to the Vodacom Challenge.
This week the credit crunch gained a new victim, as Coleen Rooney (nee McLoughlin) found herself staring glumly at life without free Asda jeans.
Each one glumly thinking "How long will we be here?
A brass player slouching glumly over their instrument, wrong notes in the violins, haphazard concert dress: details like these send a decidedly mixed message to a paying audience.
I can't see the boards of directors of the aforementioned Welsh dairies glumly looking at their sales figures and saying: "If only we could lavish millions on TV adverts and nab the slots in children's hour, they'd be pestering their mum to slip half a kilo of our traditional farmhouse-matured cheddar in with the crisps and cola.
This wasn't glumly neutral or punchily political or smugly liberated.
Glumly, I worked out how much this must have drained my already meagre resources.
The same can be said for Carter, playing a 38-year-old woman who glumly notes that she's ``too old for extraordinary,'' but not too old to believe that a night spent with the past might ease the hurt of the present.
The swimmers don't yet know the race's outcome, and the space capsule looks pathetic in the vast ocean--just as the photographic fragments themselves look glumly isolated in Fisher's compositions.
BBC Scotland want to see the double act - Tom Urie glumly backing singer Karen - in their own series.
As we glumly await the arrival of the bank and credit card statements, it should perhaps cheer us up that bad news for us means good news for the economy, at least in the short term.
Didn't ever think about how there's so many different kinds of bad times," Perce notes glumly in his diary.