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in a sullen manner

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Felix Magath, right, sits glumly in the Fulham dug-out at Cardiff
One recent press release was like a throwback to the bad old days: an out-of-focus, grimy photo of a grimy man in blue overalls in a dirty workshop, standing glumly at a machine.
She opted to let her originally tied-back hair down, kick back in her seat and yawn while an equally bored-looking West stared glumly ahead.
Into their life comes poet Percy Shelley, like Mary an unbending Godwinian disciple (more unbending than his teacher who opines glumly "one learns to live with compromise"), and turns all their lives upside down, eloping with Mary and setting in motion the circumstances that would lead her to pen her radical novel.
Still trawling the fest circuit more than a year past its home-turf theatrical release, this glumly misanthropic backstage ensembler is the kind of enterprise one suspects amused its makers a whole lot more than it ever will any paying customers.
The first 20 to 25 minutes were good from Paraguay -- we could have made the difference there," said Martino glumly.
Over the festive period we've become glumly resigned to municipalities bringing seasonal 'cheer' to public spaces, usually involving execrable lighting displays and/or piped muzak.
Orlando Man City 20 CARLOS TEVEZ and Roque Santa Cruz looked on glumly from the stands as South Africa's Orlando Pirates sank City hopes of a winning start to the Vodacom Challenge.
3 : a dishonest act <Jig's up, Roy thought glumly.
We look at the trees in the early fall and start sharpening up the tines on our rakes, even though we did just that when we glumly put them away at the end of the previous leaf season.
North reported a respondent in the repair shop industry asserted glumly that "It's going to get worse before it gets better.
This week the credit crunch gained a new victim, as Coleen Rooney (nee McLoughlin) found herself staring glumly at life without free Asda jeans.
Each one glumly thinking "How long will we be here?
Blatant noncompliance increased from eight percent to 14 percent; the authors observe glumly.
I can't see the boards of directors of the aforementioned Welsh dairies glumly looking at their sales figures and saying: "If only we could lavish millions on TV adverts and nab the slots in children's hour, they'd be pestering their mum to slip half a kilo of our traditional farmhouse-matured cheddar in with the crisps and cola.