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small dry membranous bract found in inflorescences of Gramineae and Cyperaceae

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Developmental analysis of Teosinte Glume Architecture I: a key locus in the evolution of maize (Poaceae).
Different types of bracts may be recognize in the inflorescence: (1) foliaceous, with a well-developed blade and a scarcely or not developed sheath; (2) setiform, without a sheath, the leaf blade enlarges at the base but the mid and upper portions are narrow and stretched (setalike), sometimes acuminate; and (3) glumaceous, similar to a glume, but with a short setiform appendix.
Large quantities of damaged or distorted grain were identified as Triticum and since no free-threshing wheat species were recovered, it is reasonable to assume that these remains represent glume wheat, most likely emmer.
the traits sere as follow: The height of the bush, the length of ears, number of claw, straw weight, seed yield in bush, glume, ear density, number of days till appearance of ear, number of days till appearance of ear, number of days till physiologic growth, need to making spring cultivar, total dry matter and harvest index.
The wheat still standing in the fields suffers from rust, powdery mildew, head scab, and glume blotch.
one- to few-flowered spikelet and wide glume wings enclosing the next flower).
At the same time the stigma primordia grow out into two long papillose, laterally oriented, stigmatic branches, which protrude above the glume before the stamens stretch (Fig.
Given that high numbers of charred glume bases can be related to waste from the routine processing of hulled wheat stored as spikelets in later periods, then ipso facto their absence in the British Neolithic could imply that crops were stored fully processed.
Bhagyalakshmi, et al, [122] obtained downy mildew resistant pearl millet plants from infected tissues cultured in vitro Brettel, et al, [117] reported regeneration from callus treated with toxic substances produced by Leptosphaeria nodonum Mutler, which cause Glume blotch disease of wheat.
They all have hermaphrodite, trimerous flowers, with each subtended by a papery glume.
However, the symposium was rather inconclusive, leaving no more than the awareness that the collection of wild grain as a basic food supply was not an option, due to small harvests resulting from its brittleness; early cereals were acknowledged as better suited to making gruel or beer than bread because of the glume adhering to the grain, although beer production was then seen as rather improbable.
Root diseases stalk the soybeans, and the wheat still standing in the fields suffers from rust, powdery mildew, head scab and glume blotch.
chromosome 4, teosinte glume architecture 1 (tga1), has a major
In addition to the charcoal samples, one sample from a glume base, four from human bone and one from animal bone were measured.