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small dry membranous bract found in inflorescences of Gramineae and Cyperaceae

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The spikelets in Cypereae carry only one single glume (Fig.
The former is a tall perennial plant with long leaf blades and the second glume is shorter than the spikelet.
According to this fact that hybrid parents were different in traits like need to making spring cultivar and density of ears and hair-like glume, cv.
Number of Trait Phenotype individual in F2 Total Capillary glume Capillary glume 136 180 Non capillary 44 glume Ear density Concentrated ears 30 180 Non Concentrated 150 ears Need to make Spring 137 180 spring Semi-spring 43 Probability Trait Phenotype [X.
This trait and the shape of glume I generate a unique combination in the complex.
3), longer and wider first and second glumes, longer first and second glume awns, longer and wider lemmas and lemma awns (Table 2).
Different types of bracts may be recognize in the inflorescence: (1) foliaceous, with a well-developed blade and a scarcely or not developed sheath; (2) setiform, without a sheath, the leaf blade enlarges at the base but the mid and upper portions are narrow and stretched (setalike), sometimes acuminate; and (3) glumaceous, similar to a glume, but with a short setiform appendix.
The rachilla apex together with the distal glume (G1) is situated in between the lifted flower primordium (F2), and the developing flower (F3).
They all have hermaphrodite, trimerous flowers, with each subtended by a papery glume.
Betta-Dn1 is moderately resistant to stem rust, and glume blotch [caused by Septoria nodorum (Berk.
1) Flowering glume Engineering & Construction Co.
Length of glume awns is more than equal to length of glumes.
3] selections were made on the basis of criteria of stem solidness, spike fertility, glume color and disarticulation, and time to maturity.
Awns are long and rough, rachilla hairs are long, hairs on glumes are banded, and glume awns are rough.