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make a gurgling sound as of liquid issuing from a bottle

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The Mermaid employs peaceful conflict resolution strategies - embodied by a kid-relatable chocolate milkshake party - to help the Glugs understand the error of their nasty, littering ways, and the story ends with friendship and sharing.
Most of the restaurant's guests order toddies, Irish coffees and sake-based hot drinks in the mid afternoon after brunch, while Travelle's glugs and grogs are more of a nighttime indulgence, Young says.
However, her boozy antics come to a scary head when she pours herself a large vodka and orange juice at breakfast time and little April glugs down the contents.
She also glugs Madge's favourite coconut-water drink.
Add a few glugs of olive oil and cook the chicken thigh until browned on each side.