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make a gurgling sound as of liquid issuing from a bottle

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Each funnel is at a different height, and because of the random scatter of the tubes in Plan and different orientation of the funnels, each has a slightly different sound, depending on the state of the tide, and the shape and frequency of the waves: sighing or sucking, gurgling or glugging, whooshing or weeping, sometimes almost silent, susurrating and gently dripping when the funnel is above the surface.
It has a strategically-placed air channel to help air flow freely, preventing the messy glugging and splashing consumers expect during pouring with today's "F Style" bottles.
With boss Nick apparently forgetting she was recently caught glugging red wine out of a bottle behind the bar, he promotes her to assistant manager because of her valiant efforts.
Meanwhile, the Black Eyed Peas have been glugging their aftershow bar dry.
It seems we're now glugging a mere 14 million pints a day - 1.
Chief among his targets is Rab Butler, who emerges from this novel as a treacherous piece of work, glugging down fine wines while plotting betrayal.
But glugging down expensive champagne will not help Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli prepare for the upcoming season.
After knocking back at least two glasses of spirits at a boozy business lunch on November 9, the chef, famed for his redwine glugging cuisine, took the wheel, Swindon Magistrates' Court was told.
Subtlety is exactly what this wine is about, straightforward fruit flavours making it a very easy glugging wine, perfect after a hard day at work.
The self-closing Air Return Press Tap was specifically designed for Volvic, and is precision-engineered to allow one-handed dispense of the water without glugging or any drips whatsoever.
This poor woman is, in her own way, doing better by her baby than a junkie parent, who bungs their methadone in a coke bottle and leaves it within glugging distance of their child.
This was when the music's spell took over, Lockett spinning in some quite linear tunes, the gamelan's chiming progressions decorated by his own electro-curlicues, underpinned by glugging basslines.
Getting us to stroke his toned tum, and glugging some fruity cocktail, he giggled: "Not bad for an old man, eh?
It is precisely because men are spending so much time in the kitchen glugging vino, that women have to do the DIY
Have a glass of wine,' she suggested, glugging the entire bottle into my glass.