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make a gurgling sound as of liquid issuing from a bottle

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She said: "Everyone glugged their drinks down and some took their food in doggie bags, even though we gave them refunds.
Pils and Swally - sorry, Wills and Harry - glugged the night way with their "heroes" and the WAGs at a posh venue just down the road from where flowers still mark their mother's final moments.
Which, with maximum indiscretion, they glugged into the cokes.
THOUSANDS OF litres of soft drinks will be glugged in Wales this summer.
Britain's most bizarre wedding went ahead yesterday when a couple glugged "I do".
You can imagine after running around in sweltering heat, being drained of fluids, that doing what nature intended is easier said than done - and no matter how much water, he glugged, nothing happened.