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make a gurgling sound as of liquid issuing from a bottle

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49, Tesco Strong Shiraz fruit flavours are blended with the full-bodied Cabernet to produce a soft, fruity, gluggable Australian red.
The words gluggable, fresh and hugely enjoyable can be levelled at this example and the Duboeuf stable of wines are always reliable from whatever region, but it's from Beaujolais that they particularly excel.
As well as Nebbiolo, Piedmont is awash with a lot of very good gluggable Barbera - dark hued but juicy with light tannins - quite different from Nebbiolo.
This wine is a rumbustious red, silky, sulky and sinfully gluggable.
A midweek on-my-own bowl of spicy meatballs and pasta went down a treat with this plummy, peppersprinkled gluggable wine from the south of France.
I took a whistle-stop tour of the Ledbury area in the hope it would provide in microcsm a picture of the breath of the county's munchable and gluggable delights.
99) the result is a simple, fruity, gluggable party red.
Doesn't need food, as it's so gluggable, but would be perfect with a bowl of mean penne piccante.