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  • adj

Synonyms for gluey

having the property of adhering

Synonyms for gluey

having the sticky properties of an adhesive

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Forced into weirdly shaped containers in a far-off land, brightly colored Glueys move around like lava lamp blobs.
According to legend, the west-coast team tried just about everything to keep its archrival running in circles: Some say that the Raiders coated their palms with a gluey substance known as "stickum.
Trainer Paul Cole said: 'He didn't like the gluey ground.
I think he's fit enough to do himself justice, so long as it's not too gluey.
If the ground is loose he'll run, but if it's gluey he won't.
At the 6th International Symposium on Aphids in Rennes, France, last year, the research team described Asian aphids that repair rips in their galls with a gluey substance that comes out of their bodies.
Pat (Eddery) said that bottom bend was very gluey, very sticky.
Such armaments-including energy beams that immobilize rioting demonstrators (think Star Trek's phaser), waves of sound and light that disorient mobs, and Crazy String-like streams of gluey foam- will allow a "gentler" means of crowd restraint than bullets, say police forces.
Of course, Kafka knew this, and labors to make us feel the gluey agony of Gregor Samsa's transformation from man into beetle.
Martin Cade, of the Portland Bird Observatory, said: "This is a horrible, gluey substance they are just plastered in.
But we're here to race and at this place it's almost better when it's like this as it's not as gluey, as can sometimes be the case.
The perky primates didn't want to come in to go to bed, but staff solved the problem by offering them their favourite treat - gum arabic, a gluey tree sap which the mini marmosets adore.