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Synonyms for inhalant

something that is inhaled

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a medication to be taken by inhaling it

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Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng, who is also interior minister, issued a statement in which he cited increased use of amphetamines and glue-sniffing as a particular problem.
Sean, who is also Miss Widdecombe's godson, began glue-sniffing and smoking cannabis at the age of 13.
And despite the usual press splashes over glue-sniffing, Wite-out, and other supposed "new epidemics," surveys indicate that use of inhalants has been at fairly steady, low levels for the past two decades - 2 to 3 percent of high-school seniors said they had used inhalants within the previous month, for example.
In the scenario, the "hostage-takers" were led by a 24-year-old glue-sniffing ex-convict named "Frankie Fencepost.
IN LATIN AMERICA, where two-fifths of the earth's 100 million street children live, inhalant abuse, particularly glue-sniffing, is pandemic, and it is a legal and profitable business for corporations like St.
Quite a few Satanists and glue-sniffers - in fact, quite a few glue-sniffing Satanists who get very confused, that's why someone's sprayed 'I sold my soul to Santa' on the West Wall - but not many wedding parties.
A GLUE-sniffing armed robber was caught when the cash box he had stolen filled his getaway car with red dye, a court heard yesterday.
Glue-sniffing in children became noted as a problem some years ago and the law regulating sales of products containing these solvents was tightened so no child under 18 could acquire them over the counter.
These might be fears about glue-sniffing, drinking, smoking or generally getting involved in antisocial behaviour.
I was a glue-sniffing teenager and that was one of those pivotal nights when I thought, 'This is the life for me',' he revealed.
GIRL: It looks a bit like glue-sniffing or bullying, or possibly veganism.
The average age for someone to start glue-sniffing was 12 1/2.
Around the world the statistics are even more tragic - in Paraguay 80-85% of street children have experimented with solvents and in Brazil glue-sniffing is used as a cheap replacement for food.
I was attacked by a glue-sniffing ruffian in Brighton who launched himself at me to facilitate his head disagreeing with the point I was making.
The actor has traditionally played characters not noted for their love of literature, including the slob-like Spike in Notting Hill and one half of Twin Town's glue-sniffing Jones brothers.