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a glycoside derived from glucose

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breaks down the a-1,4 glucosidic bonding of linear amylose and branching amylopectin which are the major building blocks of starch [1].
Starch is a linear polymer (polysaccharide) made up of repeating glucose units linked by a 1-4 glucosidic linkages.
Gokhru, Cocklebur bearing small (Asteraceae) bristle-covered fruits Scientific name Parts causing harm Chemical and family constituents Agave americana L Roots and Acrid volatile (Agavaceae) leaf-juice oil, oxalic acid, sapono-side Anagallis arvensis Entire plant Glucosidic L.
The observed decrease could be attributed to the partial cleavage of the glucosidic linkages due to extensive oxidation.
com Montanov L INCI name: C14-22 alcohol (and) C12-20 alkylglucoside Use levels: 1-3 % Applications: fluid foundation Comments: Glucosidic emulsifier in harmony with nature for low viscosity emulsions.
Larvae of Phestilla sibogae metamorphose in response to a small, water-soluble molecule derived from the coral Porites (Hadfield, 1977; Hadfield and Scheuer, 1985), and those of Eubranchus doriae respond to a small, polar compound with glucosidic residues originating from the hydroid Kirchenpaueria (Bahamondes-Rojas, 1988; Bahamondes-Rojas and Dherbomez, 1990).
Resistant dextrins or resistant maltodextrins (RS dextrins) are mixed and random glycosidic linkages -1-4 and 1-6 glucosidic bonds from starch and 1-2 and 1-3 bonds, from transglucosidation.