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a glycoside derived from glucose

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ORLANDO -- Alkyl glucosides, mild surfactants derived from natural, sustainable sources, have been named allergen of the year by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.
mass [u] origin category +383 campesterol sterol campesterol sterol glucoside glucoside +397 sitosterol sterol sitosterol sterol glucoside glucoside +585 campesterol sterol glucoside glucoside +599 sitosterol sterol glucoside glucoside +838 acylated acylated sitosterol sterol glucoside glucoside ([C.
In one clinical trial, patients aged 30 to 50 suffering from facial hyperpigmentation applied a topical formula comprising ascorbyl glucoside to one side of their faces daily for four weeks.
Description: Dicaprylyl ether (and) decyl glucoside (and) glyceryl oleate
Simultaneous extraction of bioactive limonoid aglycones and glucoside from Citrus aurantium L.
The researchers believe that myricetin glucoside, quercetin glucoside, glucuronide and dirhamnoside contributed to the antimicrobial activity of the extracts.
Instead they use the cleansing powers of decyl glucoside, derived from sugar, coconut and palm kernel oil.
On the packaging it'll be listed as a derivative of ascorbic acid, such as ascorbyl glucosamine or ascorbyl glucoside.
Subunit (A) and (B) are linked to give the Naphthol glucoside (2).
Cytopiloyne, a polyacetylenic glucoside, prevents type 1 diabetes in nonobese diabetic mice.
Hesperidinase is a fungal enzyme contains two enzymatic activities and K-L-rhamnosidase that splits hesperidin to rhamnose and the hesperedin glucoside, and L-glucosidase that subsequently splits the hesperetin glucoside to glucose and hesperedin.
Both contain the brightening agents ellagic acid and calcium pantetheine sulfonate, as well as a blend of soothing and protective botanical extracts and vitamins, including vitamin C glucoside, licorice root extract, camellia flower and mulberry extracts.
Limonin glucoside is present in citrus and citrus juices in about the same amount as vitamin C.