glucose tolerance test

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test of the body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates

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Using the FBG test alone, only 9% met the diagnostic criteria for prediabetes, compared with 24% of those who were screened by both the FBG and 2-hour oral glucose tolerance tests.
3-5) Based upon this analysis and the ADA position statements, laboratorians should not discourage the use of the 2-point (zero time and +2 h) 75-g oral glucose tolerance test in the diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes if the initial FPG result is not elevated (e.
Reproducibility and comparative analysis of repeated intravenous and oral glucose tolerance tests.
At the end of 7 days, capillary blood glucose measurements were down-loaded directly from the reflectance meter to a computer, and patients underwent a 3-hour oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) using a standardized 100-g oral glucose load.
According to the findings, 40 pc of type 2 diabetes patients and 67 pc of high-risk patients identified through the oral glucose tolerance test would have shown a normal glycemic status if only the hemoglobin A1C test were used to diagnose them.
Participants in the normal GCT NGT group underwent the 3-hour oral glucose tolerance test at a median of 32 weeks' gestation, compared with a median of 29 weeks' gestation for the other four groups.
The standard 3-hour glucose tolerance test was performed with intake of 100 g of glucose in the morning, after an overnight fast of at least 8 but not more than 14 hours, and after at least 3 days of unrestricted diet ([greater than or equal to] 150 g of carbohydrate) and physical activity.
They screened these people with an oral glucose tolerance test, with valid results available for 35,744 people.
Short of marked hyperglycemia--which wouldn't require a glucose tolerance test to diagnose--these women will be given the same recommendations for lifestyle modification that they would have been given without the test.
In this retrospective cohort study the researchers analyzed diabetes risk over a mean 9-year follow-up period in 31,000 women without gestational diabetes who had an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) or oral glucose challenge test (OGCT) during their pregnancy.
QUEBEC CITY -- The fasting plasma glucose test is inadequate, compared with the oral glucose tolerance test, in screening high-risk pediatric patients for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, according to results of a new study.
A The glucose tolerance test is no longer recommended as the standard for diabetes testing.
However, a simultaneous binaural bithermal test revealed an abnormal RVR left (figure 1), Moreover, the patient's response to a 5-hour glucose tolerance test was exaggerated, and his level of circulating immune complexes of the Raji cell type was markedly elevated.
Administration of the compound to the experimental animals led to significant reductions in the hepatic fat content (as assessed by MRI and liver biopsies), body weight, and serum liver enzyme levels as well as marked improvement of the glucose tolerance test and lipid profile.
If the result is abnormal, they go on to have an oral glucose tolerance test to confirm the diagnosis.
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