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a monosaccharide sugar that has several forms

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That causes the glucose-averse roach to close its mouth and run away from glucose in tests," Schal said.
Wolpert gave the example of a person's blood glucose increasing 3 mg/dL per minute, which is not uncommon after a meal.
For 2 participants (1 from the contact lens group and 1 from the non-contact lens group), 1 of the 6 tear glucose samples was lost because of instrument failure.
Until we know more about why the effects of ginseng are so variable," says Vuksan, "we can't assume that it's safe and effective for lowering blood glucose levels.
Blood glucose was measured in each sample using an Accu-check compact glucometer (Roche).
Don't simply assume that a sugary food raises blood glucose more than a starchy food.
The challenge will be to ensure that the device responds only to glucose, he says.
Researchers think that weight loss--achieved through better eating habits and exercise--reduces the risk of diabetes by improving the ability of the body to use insulin and process glucose.
It's simply a matter of creating a glucose monitor that can communicate with an insulin delivery system - thereby performing the same function as the pancreas.
GD indicates glucose dehydrogenase; GO, glucose oxidase; O, capillary; V, venous; A, arterial; and N, neonate.
The type I diabetes can be monitored with the help of regular glucose monitoring devices and self monitoring blood glucose monitoring devices.
Sales of the Glucose Health product, in its first month of availability, exceeded sales of the Company's first-generation product targeting the Type-2 diabetes market, in its first year of availability (July 8, 2013 though June 30, 2014).
The Global Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose Market to 2025' latest pharma report, covering the pharmaceutical, commercial and strategic developments in the global Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) market.
DALLAS -- Postmenopausal women with coronary artery disease and no diabetes who had a high-normal response to an oral glucose tolerance test had faster progression of atherosclerosis, compared with women who have lower glucose levels following an oral challenge.
It's not a direct route from glucose to succinate," says Bennett.