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Synonyms for gloze

to conceal or make light of a fault or offense

to give a deceptively attractive appearance to

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Still, regardless of Anne's inability to stop Wendoll speaking and to avoid being "enslaved" by his rhetorical skill, she would be labelled a "credulous Creature" by writers such as Brathwait, who warns women to beware of men "who can tip their glozing tongues with Rhetoricall protests .
Member companies are involved in contract glozing, auto glass replacement, mirror installation, manufacturing, fabrication and distribution of glass and glass products as well as those, from allied areas.
72), apparently addressed to a male friend, compares him to 'one of Circe's kind', while another, apparently in a woman's voice, stigmatizes the glozing words of male suitors as sirens' songs (no.
Where poets run scholars follow, and questions about the 'pastoral' poetry or the poetry of 'rural retreat' of our own sixteenth to eighteenth centuries are again and again turned aside by the confident glossing and glozing of the reference back.
Autumn Even-Song" immediately follows, its four sestets placed directly across from Savernake's glozing cliches on the unillustrated page.