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any of several plants of the genera Gloxinia or Sinningia (greenhouse gloxinias) having showy bell-shaped flowers

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Most people think of the gloxinia as a bouquet with roots which has to be thrown away once it has finished flowering.
Botanically, gloxinia is Sinningia speciosa, a tuberous perennial from Brazil, though the forms sold as houseplants are hybrids.
Try gloxinias, cyclamens, and primroses, even if these plants are short lived and soon end up in the compost pile.
As gloxinias finish flowering, remove faded blooms and gradually withhold water until the leaves wither, then stand the pots in the dry .
As gloxinias finish flowering, remove faded blooms and gradually withhold water until the leaves wither, then stand the pots in a dry position where the bulbs can rest until they resume growth in spring.
It belongs to the family gesneriaceae which includes African violets, gloxinias and achimenes.
Start gloxinias into growth by setting them in boxes of light, moist soil.
They're great for growing indoor plants that need consistent moisture, such as gloxinias and parsley"
5Start off begonias and gloxinias in a shallow tray of peat or peat-based compost in a propagator.
Gloxinias are easy to grow from tubers and flower all summer.
Gloxinias are also ready for planting just now, and these spectacular summer flowering bulbs belong to an exotic plant family called the gesneriacea.
Minimum Light Levels for Common Potted Plants in Interior Landscape Settings 50-100 Footcandles 100-200 Footcandles 200-500 Footcandles Azaleas Anthuriums Calceolarias Chrysanthemums Bromeliads Cinerarias Kalanchoes Cyclamens Easter lilies Poinsettias Jerusalem cherry Gloxinias Orchids Hibiscus Ornamental peppers Hybrid lilies Rieger begonias Hydrangeas Spring bulbs Source: Dr.
For those who like gloxinias, Sinningia may be a desirable plant.
These include pink and red poinsettias for Christmas, and bulbs, multicoloured impatiens and gloxinias for Mothers' Day, Valentine's Day and Easter, adding up to a total of over three million potplants.
They are a leading breeder and propagator of all types of chrysanthemums: pot mums, garden mums, spray mums and Fleurettes; and a leading propagator and marketer of perennials, annuals, asters, azaleas, dahlias, exacum, gloxinias, hibiscus, New Guinea impatiens, lisianthus, pentas, poinsettias and pot roses.