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any of several plants of the genera Gloxinia or Sinningia (greenhouse gloxinias) having showy bell-shaped flowers

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Gloxinia form tubers which can be parted and replanted in spring, just under but not completely covered with compost in a tray.
Efeito do GA3 e ANA no enraizamento e alongamento in vitro de gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa Lood.
55-75 Glory lily Gloriosa 60-66 Gloxinia Sinningia regina, 60-70 Sinningia speciosa, Sinningia hybrids Hoya Hoya carnosa, Hoya 50-54 bella Impatiens, touch-me- Impatiens balsamina 68 not, 'Busy Lizzie' Ivy geranium Pelargonium peltatum 60-75 Jasmine Jasminium 55-75 Kaffir lily Clivia miniata 55-60 Lollipop plant Pachystachys lutea 59 Miniature rose Rosa chinensis var.
They attack a wide range of houseplants, including African violet, begonia, gardenia, gloxinia, and many others.
I must also mention my Amaryllis and Gloxinia plants that bloom annually They have such gorgeous big blossoms.
Wants: ginkgo, golden raintree, marjoram, fennel, Johnny jumpups, lavender, hardy gloxinia, cacti, hops, hawthorn, willows, bearberry, hypericum, cranberry, chamomile, rosemary and any other herb seeds.
Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, the company that broke away from the original Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet Company, is the superior one because it teaches you something about dance.
Ficus, gloxinia, lipstick plant and a few others promptly die when exposed to me.
Gl i i h l Gloxinia, a greenhouse plant frequently grown indoors, has really interesting, sometimes showy flowers.
Gloxinia - oil and collage on canvas |1957 by Ceri Richards
On display are colorful senetti, African violets, gloxinia, Gerber daisies, campanula and much more.
This rule applies to stored fruit and vegetables, gladioli corms, begonia, gloxinia and dahlia tubers, lily bulbs, chrysanthemum crowns and dry stored pelargoniums and fuchsias.