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the luminous larva or wingless grub-like female of a firefly

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one participant says, "you hang on to the person in front in the dark and form a human chain through a glowworm cave.
GlowWorm Fiber Optic Light Detector - The patent pending GlowWorm uses macro bend technology to determine the presence and level of the signal on a fiber optic line without the need to cut or splice the cable.
Inset, the view from the German battle cruiser Admiral von Hipper as it shelled HMS Glowworm during the battle of the Atlantic
PHCG main agencies are: BOZ Group, Brand Pharm, imed Studios, GlowWorm, LifeBrands, Medicus Group, Pharmagistics, Publicis Medical Education Group, Publicis Selling Solutions Group, Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare, Science Oriented Solutions, Williams Labadie.
Mrs Allan is accused of diverting the money into her own company, Glowworm Books, while BMS owner James Brown, 50, was away on business.
10: In which Roald Dahl book would you have found an oversized grasshop- Vrcentipede, glowworm, spider and ladybird?
Playing the role of the glowworm is Sallie Styles, 15, who enjoyed camp so much last year that she returned for a second run and plans on a third next year.
The introduction of the GlowWorm detector will hopefully lead to a new family of products for Conolog.
Katrena Allan, 50, is said to have stolen the cash to prop up her Glowworm Books company, which published the Maisie the Morningside Cat series.
She is alleged to have made a series of unauthorised payments to her own firm, Glowworm Books.
Discover New Zealand's majesty for seven days in Auckland, Rotorua, Queenstown and Christchurch with excursions to Milford Sound, the Waitomo Glowworm Caves and a Maori concert and hangi dinner.
Allan, 50, is alleged to have made payments from company accounts to her firm, Glowworm Books, between 1999 and 2005.
DAVID Attenborough always introduces each episode of this series with a stunning image and tonight we're in the Waitomo glowworm caves in New Zealand.
But for a species of glowworm in Finland, the females that glow the brightest are not only the most fertile, but they may also be the most pursued by mates, researchers report in the October Biology Letters.
Maddie Leach's video The Most Difficult Problem, 2013, for example, takes its title from the memoirs of the cytologist James Bronte Gatenby, who studied a specific type of New Zealand glowworm.