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Synonyms for glowering

showing a brooding ill humor

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He was crouching on the edge of the timber jam and glowering his hatred at us.
Had he merely stood over the meat, head up and glowering, White Fang would ultimately have slunk away.
Teh hell wid him and you," she said, glowering at her daughter in the gloom.
He was full native, a strapping, handsome man, with a glowering way of showing his dislikes.
Bolgani was glowering at him from red-rimmed, wicked eyes.
A moment later he emerged, a heavy-set young fellow of eighteen or nineteen, with a glowering, villainous countenance, trailing at his heels.
He might be glowering at the two of us out of yon whin-bush, and I wouldnae wonder
Crisparkle could hardly see anything else of it for a large outside passenger seated on the box, with his elbows squared, and his hands on his knees, compressing the driver into a most uncomfortably small compass, and glowering about him with a strongly-marked face.
There was the resentful Sunday of a little later, when he sat down glowering and glooming through the tardy length of the day, with a sullen sense of injury in his heart, and no more real knowledge of the beneficent history of the New Testament than if he had been bred among idolaters.
Mortimer glanced at Eugene, but Eugene sat glowering at his paper, and would give him no responsive glance.
15PM The mournful wail of a harmonica scores Sergio Leone's masterful Western, which sees Charles Bronson and Jason Robards trying to protect a stunning widow from Henry Fonda's glowering land-grabbing rotter.
SAFE HOUSE Film4 9PM Too often the dogooding nice guy, Denzel Washington is much more effective when cast as the kind of glowering anti-hero he plays here and in 2001's Training Day.
is in parts innervating and rousing, elsewhere harsh and glowering.
The two series highlight the companies' diverging approaches to fantasy: one a breezy, humorous actioner, the other a glowering beat-'em-up.