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Synonyms for glowering

showing a brooding ill humor

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On the second day after the wounding of Black Michael, Clayton came on deck just in time to see the limp body of one of the crew being carried below by four of his fellows while the first mate, a heavy belaying pin in his hand, stood glowering at the little party of sullen sailors.
Though the actors aren't required to stretch themselves, Diane Keaton's breezy comic presence contrasts nicely with Brendan Gleeson's glowering demeanour.
My form book suggests the glowering northern skies and ceaseless mewing of the randy puffin has a depressing effect on visiting sides.
Sacha Wolff's impressive feature debut demonstrates the insight and sensitivity to look past the battering-ram body and glowering eyes of a 245-pound professional rugby player--a Pacific Islander with the kind of physique Hollywood casting agents inevitably pigeonhole into the role of drug dealer or over-muscled thug--to discover the conflicted soul within.
SAFE HOUSE Film4 9PM Too often the dogooding nice guy, Denzel Washington is much more effective when cast as the kind of glowering anti-hero he plays here and in 2001's Training Day.
is in parts innervating and rousing, elsewhere harsh and glowering.
The two series highlight the companies' diverging approaches to fantasy: one a breezy, humorous actioner, the other a glowering beat-'em-up.
Little Fergie' entered the room glowering, glowered some more and then departed, glowering.
A sepia-tinged look that teeters on the edge of glowering, but features too many smiling faces to succumb.
The odd thing about Gordon Brown is that he would have been a great statesman in the 19th century, but in this televisual age, with his glowering demeanour, his blind eye and his introversion, he is out of time.
Snow in the pines, spring snow, and a white cloud glowering, smoke
THE roadside advertising hoardings for a certain gin company, with chef Gordon Ramsay's glowering mug and the word "Perfection", leave me with a sour taste.
45pm they will be glowering across the dug-outs in a vital league contest between two teams in the bottom three.
Judging by the way she's glowering, she was clearly furious with the snappers' rowdy antics.
Palminteri's primary duties include glowering at henchmen Bruno and Roscoe, saying ``get me that diamond'' a few times and, ultimately, taking a toy airplane to the crotch.