glow lamp

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a gas-discharge tube with a hot cathode

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Power block of a condensed spark discharge consists of following elements: coil L, glow lamp [T.
In a darkened room lit by an orange glow lamp, the therapist covers your body in hot honey mixed with salt.
Sources such as traditional discharge lamps, tungsten and glow lamps to induction lamps can be used.
The rooms will feature ``white noise'' machines that generate a neutral sound to block out unwanted noise; sound-scape machines that emit soothing environmental sounds such as ocean waves; circadian light boxes that help realign the body's natural circadian sleep rhythm; adjustable mattresses to match individual mattress tastes; a pillow/blanket bank to accommodate guests' individual tastes; glow lamps that provide a nonobtrusive alarm to wake the sleeper; relaxation audiotapes and assorted light- and soundproofing adjustments.
Tenders are invited for Supplying, installation, testing & commissioning of Centrifugal pump sets having head : 90 mtr , discharge 60 LPS with suitable control panel with all accessories such as volt meter, Ammeter , main switch , catridge fuse contactors , circuit brakers , glow lamps encased inside M.