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devoid of gloves


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Systems that range from machine guards, composed of gloveless glass doors that are opened during operation for personnel interventions, to full stainless steel enclosures with gloved glass doors that are never opened during the filling operation have been called RABS.
When she opened London's Landmark Aids Centre in 1989, she gave director Jonathan Grimshaw - who was diagnosed with HIV - a firm, gloveless handshake.
A day with 3ft of cleared snow on the edge of the pitch and a Newcastle team defiantly gloveless - compared to eight southern softies from Stamford Bridge who had mitts on.
When the father leaves the car the poem becomes cold again, describing "the black snake" placed in the exhaust, his open boots and gloveless hands in the winter.
Gloveless hands in Chicago in February are not usually recommended, but bare hands were clearly preferable to the alternative.
Pictured are senior partner Rory Daly in wicketkeeping mode alongside James Mattin while David Waldron is the gloveless batsman.
His gloveless save from Darius Vassell's penalty followed by that spot-kick winner made him an instant national hero.
Except that the earth moved for David Beckham (above) and a gloveless keeper called Ricardo made the last stunning double contribution.