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Antonyms for gloved

having the hands covered with gloves


References in classic literature ?
Lord Henry looked in the direction in which the trembling gloved hand was pointing.
He came in with his hat in his hand, gloved, and was followed by his brother Valentin, who appeared to have just entered the house.
They tried, two at a time, to explain the boat's daily life to her, and she sat by the pawl-post, her gloved hands on the greasy table, laughing with trembling lips and crying with dancing eyes.
She murmured: "I had an idea that Monsieur was in the house," raising a gloved hand to lift her veil.
The President leaned back; his gloved hands, resting on either knee, made large white spots.
Then stooping low she moves forward, gathering the corn with both hands against her knees, and pushing her left gloved hand under the bundle to meet the right on the other side, holding the corn in an embrace like that of a lover.