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a puppet with a cloth body and hollow head

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The earliest known illustrations of a glove puppet appear in the 1388 French manuscript The Romance of Alexander.
TWO care home nurses used glove puppets to bully and frighten elderly women, a court heard yesterday.
Tickertape, giant balloons, glove puppets and an assortment of fans dancing on stage (dressed as Santa Clauses and aliens, naturally) - welcome to the world of the Flaming Lips.
Puppet Worlds opens on Good Friday and includes rare and beautiful Burmese string puppets, rod puppets from Java,Thai shadow puppets along with glove puppets and modern-day puppets likeSooty and Sweep.
Punchin full Punchinello also called PulcinellaHook-nosed, humpbacked character, the most popular of marionettes and glove puppets and the chief figure in the Punch-and-Judy puppet show.
To be precise, the word 'puppet' originally was used to refer to a doll and thence a doll worn over the hand like a glove; hence the term glove puppets.
TIE A YELLOW RIBBON: Charlotte Sykes, seated bottom centre right, who has Brittle Bones Disease, with class mates at Greenside Infant and Nurser y School dressed in black, white and yellow to support Brittle Bones Society (JH040512B greenside-01) * SHOWTIME: With glove puppets are, from left, Billy Farley, Olivia Botchway-Clarke and Libby Spivey with Almonbury High School year 11 student, Jess Hind, right (AC260412Balmo-
A six-day workshop was also organized during the festival in which the participants were taught the art of making glove puppets and performing glove puppetry.
With a voice like Charles Hawtrey and a distinct case of mange (are glove puppets even supposed to get mange?
Garlic Theatre return with a merry mix up involving glove puppets, false teeth and a frying pan.
This fresh and funny adaptation is bursting with well crafted glove puppets, clowning and a feast of musical treats for all to enjoy, Saturday at 11am and 2.
We are using rod puppets, glove puppets, marionettes," says 47-yearold Fernando, who lives in Kings Heath with his partner, actress and director Tina Hofman, aged 31.
Members of the city's Lions Club have up to pounds 4,000 worth of gifts, including skatescooters, CD games, books, glove puppets and toys for the very young.