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a puppet with a cloth body and hollow head

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When Jonson utilizes the glove puppet as a hand prop to construct, manipulate, and finally confute the self in Bartholomew Fair, he magnifies the tension between the material site of a prop invested with the socially generated meanings that attach to the low puppet theatre and the boundaries surrounding the prevailing material models of selfhood.
When John said Facebook followers would know if Hearts got Rudi Skacel back before the manager did, the worry was he was beginning to sound like his Lithuanian lord and master's glove puppet.
It's more of the same in part two, along with the occasional special guest, glove puppet and a TV highlight of the week - or a variation on the theme.
Following a suicide attempt, he returns to the homestead with a beaver glove puppet, through which he addresses the family as part of a bizarre form of therapy.
A protest campaign has begun to push The Wurzels', erm, 'hit' I Am A Cider Drinker to the top of the charts--hoping to echo the Facebook-inspired success of Rage Against The Machine's shout-fest Killing In The Name, which famously nabbed last year's Christmas number one spot ahead of the karaoke glove puppet that won The X-Factor.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Flowers 9 Tiara 10 Ample 11 Let slip 12 Lot 13 Shepherd 16 Arkansas 17 Nap 19 Impasto 21 Arran 22 Corgi 23 Enclave DOWN: 1 Affable 2 Computer 3 Mere 4 Stitches 5 Rail 6 Happy 8 Silverstone 13 Starship 14 Ring road 15 Spinner 18 Piece 20 Park 21 Arcs QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Glove puppet 8 Bee 9 Ark 11 Inferno 12 Siren 13 Net 14 Leo 15 Juggled 17 Egg 19 Open 21 Afar 23 Page 25 Lobe 27 Wee 29 Deposit 31 Ail 34 Era 36 Price 37 Bottles 38 Tin 39 See 40 Softhearted DOWN: 1 Gene 2 Left 3 Verruca 4 Plough 5 Paste 6 Earl 7 Tree 8 Binge 10 Known 16 Dog 18 Gab 20 Pew 22 Fed 24 Aviator 25 Leapt 26 Gobble 28 Erase 30 Erect 32 Iris 33 Lino 34 Else 35 Reed
The initial reaction seems to be aimed at the drivers, but will making Vettel drive with a Sooty glove puppet on one hand and a Sweep one on the other really significantly hamper him?
Egged on by his doting mum, Delia, (played by the wonderful Christopher Biggins) and his side-splittingly cheeky glove puppet sidekick, Sam, Robinson begins his quest to thwart Blackheart while also hoping to win the heart of his mermaid maiden.
Following a failed suicide attempt, Walter returns to the homestead with a beaver glove puppet, through which he addresses the family as part of a bizarre form of therapy.
Her ensemble cast rises to the challenge magnificently, anchored by a mesmerising performance from Gibson, who performs almost the entire film with a glove puppet on his hand, alternating between his character''s softly spoken voice and the guttural Cockney growl of the stuffed animal.
She knows exactly how that sounds but it's all part of life as one of the UK's leading comedy ventriloquists, a calling which has seen her share acclaim, awards and her life with a morose monkey glove puppet called Monk.
Getting distinctly tipsy (sorry) over repeated 'takes', Monkey attempts to drink a toast "to the year gone by" in what might well be the first advert-for-an-advert by a tea company featuring a simian glove puppet.
4 Which comedian has a glove puppet friend Stouffer-the-Cat?
DARA O Briain's The Apprentice: You're Fired theory that Jordan Poulton's secret business partner will be a glove puppet of himself.