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compartment on the dashboard of a car

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I noticed a hole in the glove compartment right next to me.
The program features yellow stickers that are attached to the bottom left side of a vehicle's rear window and yellow envelopes that are placed in glove compartments and contain a photo, medical history, and prescription drug information.
A check was requested for his details and when he told the officer to look for insurance documents in his glove compartment he led them straight to his drugs stash, which he had hidden in a sock.
My instructor, Malcolm, flew to Switzerland a fortnight ago and I remember seeing the brochure in the glove compartment of his car.
Blyth Neighbourhood Inspector, Trevor Oakley, said: "Don't leave anything of value on show in your car, or even in the glove compartment.
The guide should be sold in packs of two: one for the daypack, one for the glove compartment.
MORE than 20,000 euros was found in the glove compartment of a Kosovan man's car at Holyhead port.
has obtained a patent for a polyurethane product comprised of a molded inner polyurethane layer; a coating adhered to the inner polyurethane layer; the coating formed in-mold with the polyurethane layer and having a textured surface defined by a mold surface against which the coating has been formed, the coating further comprised of the reaction product of an aqueous acrylic copolymer dispersion, wherein the copolymer has a Tg of less than 25[degrees]C, and wherein the copolymer has a core and shell structure; and wherein the polyurethane product is a vehicular steering wheel, a vehicular instrument panel, a vehicular armrest, a vehicular headrest, a vehicular floor console, a vehicular knee bolster, a vehicular airbag door, a vehicular glove compartment door or a vehicular seat cushion.
The model features pink paintwork, Alcantara silver trim, an LED-edged vanity mirror, a lip-gloss holder in the glove compartment and crystals in the hubcaps, window mouldings and door mirrors.
In each version, the story always ends with the car dealer receiving the car back to find a chauffeur's cap in the car's glove compartment and traces of confetti on the seats.
Good luck to artist Cornelia Parker, but I shall have to check, as I suspect that I have a similar artistic masterpiece lurking in the depths of my car's glove compartment.
The raiders also took the house keys and an iPod stored in the car's glove compartment.
Standard kit includes electric windows all round, air conditioning, a Blaupunkt CD Player, chilled glove compartment and alloy wheels.
He's known to keep a travel-size bottle of Scope in his glove compartment and his name is Ryan Seacrest, so it was really only a matter of time before he partnered with Crest and Scope.
Stuck, he pulled a pistol from his glove compartment, one that he had purchased after other self-defense shootings in the area, and he opened fire at his pursuer, hitting him and killing him.