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Furthermore, the McGrath [R] video laryngoscope used was McGrath MAC 3, a McGrath Series 5, or Airtraq which may have provided better glottis exposure owing to the angle of its laryngoscope blade.
It does not pass through glottis; rather it sits above the glottis.
Subglottic suctioning removed oral secretions before they passed through to the glottis (Sole, Penoyer, et al.
At the time of examination, all penguins showed marked hyperemia of the oral mucosa and glottis with adhering white to yellow plaques or membranes, consistent with pathologic findings in birds submitted for necropsy.
Eighteen of the 19 cases of glottis malignancy were smokers.
Upon glottis exposure (T3), SBP significantly increased in the DL group but showed no significant difference in the GS group.
Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy identified an eschar that was obstructing the anterior two-thirds of the glottis, and there was no discernable abduction or adduction of the true vocal folds.
Hiccup (or hiccough) is a brief powerful inspiratory effort accompanied by closure of the glottis [1].
No masses were found in supra-glottis, glottis or infra-glottis region.
Video laryngoscopes are a new generation of devices that allow direct visualization of the glottis and have recently been included in several societies' algorithms for airway management.
Blades with angle at 60 A and the front end which facilitates the raising of the epiglottis in order to expose and display in an optimal way the glottis of the patient by reducing the degree of Cormack and facilitating endotracheal intubation,
We tend to like music where you can hear the rough edges: it's all about the glottis, tongue, and teeth.
15 In class IIa partial view of glottis is seen and the likelihood of difficult intubation is only 4.
sup][6] In order to facilitate the closure of the posterior glottis, arytenoids adduction (AA) procedure was proposed to increase the effect of ML and also modified with traction AA procedure by Sonoda et al .