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having glossy hair

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So, asks Robin Turner, are glossy-haired bingo callers looking over their shoulders for further cuts?
We weren't suprised you found it hard to choose between two such glossy-haired and polished ladies.
THE Beeb have replaced glossy-haired Christine Bleakley with glossy-haired Alex Jones.
We need more writers like Jones - the kind of crazily offbeat creative types who might struggle to exist in a world of glossy-haired superficiality obsessed by celebrity.
The glossy-haired, doe-eyed beauty never puts a towering heel-shod foot out of place when it comes to picking the right clothes and wearing the right make-up.
RATHER than the sharp-tongued, glossy-haired sophisticate she's become, Eileen (Deirdre Davis) has developed into a mousey wallflower.
Jen (right) plays glossy-haired Ms Vyle, a presenter and agony aunt who solves the nation's dilemmas but ain't great at dealing with her own problems.
In slick black gown, with beret, footless tights and T-bar shoes to remind us that she knows a) where fashion is at and b) that this wasn't her night (no upstaging premiere frock), she looked sparkly-eyed, glossy-haired and gorgeous.
She is looking beautifully slim, clear-skinned and glossy-haired.
Umberto Giannini has recreated the glossy-haired look of having slept on silk pillowcases with Dazzling Shine To Perfection Gloss Cloths, 99p.