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repetitive nonmeaningful speech (especially that associated with a trance state or religious fervor)

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With her glossolalic deliverance Galas exhumes and gives
Emmanuel Kingsley Larbi, a Ghanaian Pentecostal scholar, touches on the crux of the matter when he states that "the key to the tapping of these unlimited abilities is the glossolalic experience, hence the stress on the need for everyone to experience this phenomenon.
Nonetheless the CD contains some fascinating surprises such as the incantations by the infamous esoterist and "Great Beast" Aleister Crowley, and glossolalic prophecies recorded during Pentecostal services.
I will call his glossolalic fiction cosmopolitan for not only does Lee engage and "finetune" his Koreanness dialogically, in relation with an American classic like Whitman, but he also sees the Whitmanesque vistas of American linguistic and cultural identity as germane to the drama of the self staged by Native Speaker.
Language's beginnings may very well have been pure onomatopoeia, which led to humans mimicking sounds they heard in their immediate environment, utilizing vocalization in a purely glossolalic fashion.