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repetitive nonmeaningful speech (especially that associated with a trance state or religious fervor)

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Language's beginnings may very well have been pure onomatopoeia, which led to humans mimicking sounds they heard in their immediate environment, utilizing vocalization in a purely glossolalic fashion.
But, once stripped of all extra-linguistic meaning and constituted as a subject of enunciation, the subject discovers that he has gained access not so much to a possibility of speaking as to the impossibility of speaking--or, rather, that he has gained access to being always-already anticipated by a glossolalic potentiality over which he has neither control nor mastery.
Rousseau's glossolalic utterance of the sound "Marion" has the same non-agential status as Sir William's emission from his ancestors.
Vivier, Glossolalia, MedD dissertation, University of Witwatersrand, 1960: for a summary, see "The Glossolalic and His Personality", in Th.
In other words, our self-definition as Pentecostals is challenged when we realize that a Catholic presentation on ecumenism could have been just as compelling as a witness to scripture from a eucharistic center as this discussion from the vantage point of glossolalic prayer.